Femininity in the world of men.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Prada, Fall 2008, AW08, ads, advertisement, campaign
During one of my marketing lectures at university this week my professor was giving us a recap on demographics and lifestyles. As he took us through various power point slides one of them stated the definition of metrosexual which was the following:

• Metrosexual: a man who is heterosexual, sensitive, educated, and an urban dweller in touch with his feminine side.

Prada, Fall 2008, AW08, ads, advertisement, campaign
Male narcissism is generally frowned up on making it for the humorous but highly inaccurate definition triggered giggles throughout the lecture hall. What’s certain is that the definition wasn’t extracted from the Oxford Dictionary and as a somewhat vain man it took a good level of strength to not dispute the mockery. As public messiah for mextrosexuality David Beckham one can’t point at an instance when Beckham has not even remotely showed feminine traits in character. Metrosexuality has solely been perceived as a cult engaged in by urban men who highly prioritize their image and appearance. Femininity has never been apart of the game………….until now.

When Prada showcased ballerina skirts and belly button exposing tops for men in Milano earlier this year, Gasps and question marks were the reactions from spectators who were wondering if they really saw a Prada skirt for men or whether the pre-catwalk champagne were playing tricks with their minds. Shockingly no one anticipated a feminine fetish wave rippling through the industry of men’s fashion. Numerous of designers jumped on the band wagon by sprinkling their Men’s SS09 collection with some girly pieces that would make an amusing Halloween outfit.

Alexander Mcqueer topped the fashion season which an exhibitionist styled bathing suit enabling men to finally terrorize the beaches of Sao Paul in the most destructive way. Not even the most hardcore homosexuals would be caught seen wearing anything near this monstrosity. Predicted sales for this item: zero

Not even the most masculine designer has been immune to the flu of blasphemy. We have already seen Tom Ford’s AW08 ads featuring unorthodox posing. Theatrical Thom Browne ran out of ideas for his SS09 show and made a grand finishing for the men’s SS09 with some jawdroppingly despicable brides dresses for men.

The sane one in this sexual confusion was Roberto Cavalli who took the opportunity during men’s fashion week to preview he’s SS09 by tossing in some God sent femininity amongst the men on the catwalk. Gorgeous Natasha Poly, Kim Noorda and others showed up on the catwalk tanned as pretzel looking just as thin as well. Nonetheless it’s estrogen in its purest form.
Natasha Poly, Roberto Cavalli, SS09, Spring Summer 2009Kim Noorda, Roberto Cavalli, SS09, Spring Summer 2009, Men's


Anonymous said...

love the bathing suit... would absolutely wear it, and im not even gay... whats wrong with me...:S

Maria said...

wow, really intresting reading :)

Stylesalvage Steve said...

I hate the term metrosexual. I studied masculinities at Uni and it's an interesting area. I especially took note of the changing trends within media. Unfortunately we didn't get to study fashion in the course though!

Adam said...

Hello there. I think you are missing the point of the Prada show -- it is not to introduce femininity to a game of which it has "never been a part"; instead, I think Prada is determined, as she always has been, to emphasize that there is something distinctly queer about even (especially?) conservative men's dress.

So those collars and cuffs in the show, they're there to remind us what collars and cuffs really are -- nothing more, or less, than necklaces and bracelets.

iluwfashion said...

Steve: Yeah the word is quite disgusting and I can't remember the last time it slipped out of my mouth.

So you studied Masculinities, what's that about? Sylvester Stalone, Fabio, Arnold and Jean Claude van damme?

Adam: Good perspective on the cuff and collars! As for the queer in conservative men I don't know if it applies since all my male friends are straight as a ruler and there's nothing queer in about behavior. Though I would love to hear her ideas and inspiration behind the feminine touches in her latest works.

Anonymous said...

That bathing suite is hilarious. All of the men look pretty funny. Makes you think about gender. I'm more traditional in what I like on my men. Where would they even sell these types of get ups? I do shop at a lot of sample sale sites, like hautelook.com, which I heard btw is about to start hosting sample sales for men! This makes me happy. My bf needs new duds. And not some weird man dress. heheh

ESPY Menswear said...

Why lie no1 in their right mind would wear that bathing suit

Nik Christian said...

I think that the designers created such looks to push the envelope in men's fashion. In some cases men's fashion can be at times boring, and though I would never wear any of the creations shown above, maybe thats the start of something that filters into wearable attire in the seasons to come. Alot of times you see extreme looks on the runway that trickles down to "mainstream/trendy" looks for the masses. I do like the overlapping of male and female thats going on in fashion today. For example with the skinny jean.


clothrush said...

I like the blue jacket and the violet shirt of the guy in the first picture, but the bathing suit looks really weird. But I guess each person has his or her own taste so maybe I'm the only one that thinks it's weird

Ben said...

I think al lot of these bizarre designs are simply people doing it first, so if anything actually happens down the line, they can take credit.

Am I ever going to wear that swimsuit with a tennis veil? NOt on your nelly sunshine but maybe in 100 years we'll all be like that and the deisgners today will be seen as genuises.

Kenny Surtani said...

I do not like the femininity in the world of men, but it was interesting.

Bill said...

Prada and other design houses do stuff like this just for branding and PR. I seriously doubt they expect to sell it.

However, I have seen one guy - a queen, of course - wearing some really odd looking long haired Prada jacket and boots here in NZ. It looked stupid as fuck on him and gave him the appearance of a horse. *roll eyes*

I hate the term "metrosexual" also. By the way, it was first used by Mark Simpson, a gay British journalist, in some article he wrote for the Independent.

After reading some of his writing, I'd say that Simpson reminds me of a certain type of gay man that seems to think that all straight men secretly harbour homosexual desires. *roll eyes*

This particularly mindset can be very annoying to deal with, as they often make repeated advances toward straight men, that eventually get them told off or worse. And, then, in order to cover up their hurt pride, they will insist that those that took offense to their unsolicited and unwelcome advances are "latent homosexuals who lashed out because of their confused feelings".

I agree with the other guys here, that there's nothing feminine or gay about wanting to look good and dress well. Hell, young men having been doing this for ages to increase their chances at breeding with females. How feminine or gay is that? ;)

By the way, Nik, skinny leg jeans came into existence well before today's trends and they have little to do with femininity. They first became popular with cowboys and reemerged again with skinny white boy rockers.

I personally can't stand skinny leg jeans. However, slim fit I don't mind so much and even own a couple of pair.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I think all men should start wearing something that would tradionally be considered women's clothing. If women can wear pants, ties, and jackets to work and to restaurants, or just when we go shopping, then men should be able to go to the same places wearing skirts, dresses, heels, and even backless gowns. It's not the clothing we wear that makes us male or female. It's our bodies and our minds.

Mens Designer Clothing said...

I like the bathing suit. It dont look gayish to me

Jack and Jones Clothing said...

Yak!... I'm sick of it... feminine men... doesn't seams right does it?... man is man... everyone should feel the spirit... this clothes are made from gays for gays... it is so weird... I just cant accept it. Sorry if I'm too rough for someones... apologies. :)

Anonymous said...

Well if you think back a long time ago Pants were not even in existence the first thing that came out even close to pants were Tights before that most men wore something like a skirt or a a dress, hence the toga and the Kilts and the spartan leather skirt, Pants were originally thought out by some Horse man that found it easier to ride a horse with plants on instead of a skirt or a cloth wrapped around him or some dress type clothing so in ways if you look at the past few years we have been trickling backwards in time in the way people dress and interpreting both male and female style clothing into each other but who can really consider it male or female when it all came from just a cloth wrapped around the body and originally SEX didn't matter cloth is cloth, its become the way things are cut to fit that makes it make or female so those men that are all Masculine and hung up on the well I would never wear a skirt, Im sure you would if you were back in days where pants were not even created, yea some of the pictures of the clothing with the men in them looked stupid or ridiculous, and most of that is due to you being used to how it has been made for centuries and you have a closed mind to new Ideas although I must admit the one with the tux top and skirt looks funny he looks too big for that outfit and the swimsuit well Honestly I would wear a onepiece swimsuit designed for a female before I would wear that one but I just don't care for the looks of that neck piece thing, But they are trying to expand their Mind and mot limit themselves to the casual normal boring looks and like one of the other comments in here was they just want the credit for trying it first although it will defiantly change with time so consider this stuff trial and error, Ill say one thing I would never Fence in something that poofy but would probably try it for the heck of it haha to actually fence though I would want something a bit less Pooffed out another thing some of the outfits would probably be much better in a different color and or maybe closer form fitting for a male