Sunday, 2 November 2008

Going to your parents be can an emotionally overwhelming visit with flashbacks from primary as well as high school. Strong joyous feelings are evoked by the sight of childhood medals and trophies that bring back memories of the days when one could run 3 kilometres in under 15 minutes or do 40 push ups on an empty stomach. Whether it was having the record for most consecutive chess championship victories, becoming the class representative or setting the record for the fastest 100m time becoming the best is the epitome of manhood.

With a 9-5 day job consuming most adults’ energy and time, the athletic fit reached during the days in high school constructing a time machine to go back is a fictional dream for many. Becoming a millionaire before the age of 30 is fancy achievement that unfortunately falls short in fulfilment against beating other human beings in competition or championship. The glory of coming on top in a physiological war against someone else is enough to keep a man smiling for several years. Great struggle and stiff competition tend to result in an even more glorious victory.

Around the world hungry men have turned to triathlons to feed their cravings for a dose of adventure and possibility of triumph over others. Poker is also a highly rewarding mind games that has attracted millions of everyday people. But ultimately battles involving physical activity gives most thrills. Team sports are out of order for many middle class heroes as the commitments one have to make are too big to deal with while juggling other things in life. Badminton for instance is very enjoyable while being highly easy to learn in a relatively short time. With multiple badminton halls and clubs scattered all over most big cities it’s not an exhaustive job to get started. If time nor money is an object go karting is a marvellous hobby to engage in offering technical challenges as well as sharp racing skills.

In the end one should try to find their way of keeping the spirit of big headed competing alive since it gives life a higher meaning and makes every morning a great experience.


Mario said...

very well written

Drew said...

Exquisite.. A man with a passion for style and an understanding of the benefits (both physical and mental) of maintaining an active lifestyle and competing, at least in some way, relative to your abilities.

I pride myself in the way I dress, and I gain confidence through that medium.

But I run and compete to improve myself, and to gain a sense of fulfilment that cannot be obtained through fashion.

In my life, these two elements complement one another.. I strongly recommend and advocate the suggestions in this post..

Good Day

iluwfashion said...

Mario: Thanks

Drew: I'm personally guilty of not competing which is what drove me to write the entry. Especially since I was a highly active individual during my younger years practising several sports as well as playing poker on a frequent basis.

Can't say that I'm not deprived of thrill and excitement. When I have time I'll try to squeeze something into my life.