Hero of the week: David Beckham - chivalry isn't dead

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Celebrating thanksgiving in New York Victoria and David Beckham encountered the usual herd of paparazzi. Total focused on the super stylish couple one clumsy tomboy-ish looking photographer forgot to watch her path way stumbling right into a by standing bicycle. Exercising chivalry David took the noble route of offering a helping hand to the embarrassed photographer who ironically ended up getting photographed by other photographers.

Wearing a pair of unusually high waist trousers part of an extraordinary three piece suit David looked very right as he matched the swagger of her majesty Victoria Beckham. Not escaping anyone’s eyes are David’s interesting looking shoes what might evoke a gag reflex in some. One can’t deny that the shoes made the outfit and are an excellent choice compared with the typical gaudy shoes worn by soccer players on a night out. Living Scientology prophet Tom Cruise joined the Beckhams on celebration which probably included Victoria giving thanks to European shopping boutiques on 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive.


00o00 said...

loving david's shoes, very suave
victoria is amazing. she's always well put together

iluwfashion said...

I love them as well. Bold choice that panned out awesomely. Wouldn't mind getting a pair with similar colour scheme though I hate blisters I always get when I've bought new formal shoes.

Nick Bograd said...

I love the color of the shoes with the suit. The only thing that I see that is kind of funny is the fact that David's suit has large lapels, trends definitely going thiner lapels. But great look.

jase said...

I don't think victoria lets david follow trends...she didn't let him wear skinny jeans. I respect them more for that, they are in their own league when it comes to fashion, not stapled to trends/fads

tilthecopscome said...

the suit and shoes are tom ford. for better or worse, in 2 or 3 years, i think tom ford single-handedly bring oversized lapels and roped shoulders on suits back. i'm pretty indifferent about it because i think people need to wear what looks best on them.

ELVIA said...

forget trends!
the beckhams make the trends ;)
they are the "it" couple - the couple that looks like they just walked out of a catwalk/runway or a fashion ad and into reality! :)

that photographer. total ditz. lol. but it was pretty chivalrous what david b. did!
good job.

i like the fact that they both look so good - style wise and together!