Mercedes ConceptFASCINATION.

Monday, 17 November 2008

In the recent 15 years 4x4’s have gone along way. From crossing muddy terrain in Africa and South America, to becoming the number one enemy of tree huggers. While cannibalizing the sales of mini vans, the average SUV never touch gravel or sand during its existence but instead spend most day and night on tarmac. No longe is a man super cool for rolling the streets on board a 2 ton car. If the Lexus RX SUV is for house wives engaging in daytime TV shopping buying a kitchen knife set every other year, then the Mercedes Concept Fascination is for the modern and sensible dandy.

Giving a preview of the new Mercedes E-class and CLK coming early next year, Mercedes has designed a concept cars that blurry the line between style and practicality. An estate and a coupe has been morphed into a striking shape that won’t look out of place in the valet parking of a Ritz Carlton hotel but can at the same time transport a dry cleaned suit laying flat in the cabin. Additionally the generous space is perfect for transporting a Christmas gift for yourself like a 50 inch Pioneer plasma TV.

Covered in crème and deep brown leather accented by oak wood panels there is no need to put a sign “Boys only” on the door handles for admirers to understand that the car is designed for gentlemen. Resembling the ambiance of a cigar lounge there are intelligent compartments for recreational objects such as professional camera, Cuban cigars as well as two champagne classes for proposing a toast when secretly hiding in a underground parking lot with lover from administration at work.

The interior layout and the seats will be seen in the new CLK, while the front end and the masculine line swooping from the tail lights over the wheel arches will be seen on both the new CLK and E-class.


FiGZ said...

Now that is a true gentleman's car, and should be on every gentleman's Christmas list. That is a beautiful piece of work.

LRG said...

Yes,realy nice car! Like a Bentley ! <3

nike said...

Wow nice colour!!

getpalmd said...

Ahh.. want it. You should by the way add a follow this blog link here, it's such an easy way to keep track on your favorite blogs :-) Didn't find it in the sidebar.