Retail warfare: Comme des Garcons for H&M.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

It’s that time of the year, H&M releasing a designer collaboration range warming people up ahead of Christmas shopping. Having previously collaborated with designers such as Victor&Rolf, Roberto Cavalli and Stella Mcartney, H&M has randomly given Commo des Garcson the privilege of enoying retail consummation with a giant.

Style-wise falling between Costume National and Ann Demeulemeester, Comme des Garcons has brought restrained grunge fashion to the scene. Not to be mistaken with similar designs from fashion houses like Cloak, CDG do occasionally have fierce and unexpected edginess seen in Wivianne westwoods’ collections. By collaborating with H&M they are hoping for a commercial success that will drive frantic customers into their own stores, but unsurprisingly the exact opposite will happen. Next year order will be restored as CDG will miserably falls right back to the bottom of Google’s top searches.

Right now hobby shoppers are revving their engines by brain storming excuses for coming in late to work on Thursday when the collection is launched worldwide. The mayhem that will take place in the stores lucky to receive the collection will be beyond civilized. Therefore men should not engage contact with women heading to an H&M store on Thursday morning, as women will in those a hours be classified as a dangerous splice. Given that stock for the women’s lines gets depleted faster than the men’s line, a vulture approach is recommended to any sensible man. Just visit desired store between 11:00-13:00 when the scuffle has calmed down, and the chances of nabbing any of the hot picks such as the trenchcoat or blue polka dot shirt in peace shall be good.


ELVIA said...

I love the post & your blog is marvelous!


Anonymous said...

It was ridiculous here in Chicago. I went to the Michigan Avenue flagship store an hour after opening and there was one, tiny rack of CDG stuff left. And all I wanted were some lousy canvas shoes! Guess I'll check ebay.

iluwfashion said...

Elvia: Thanks=)

anonymous: I arrived at H&M on Oxford Circus at around 10:15 and there wasn't any chaos, perhaps the herd of animals were long gone.

There was items in the men's department left though the polka dot shirts were no where to found since they'd sold out. When I got there two trench coats were left and 5 minuter later the rail was cleared. Tons of shoes left though.

What annoyed me most were the women shopping in the men's department, it was like "What the hell are you doing here, get out!". With the amount of stuff they had bought, two women I saw could have opened up their own H&M store. They each had 2 items of almost every single piece from both the men's and the womens' collection. Pure insanity! Plus many people were picking up two items from whatever they bought which ruined it for those just wanting to grab one single piece.

Anonymous said...

It might be designed by Comme des Garcons, but it's still lousy H&M quality.

mi moleskine y yo said...

i'll add this blog like favourites in my blog shopping for lauder, i like it!!!

Bill said...

Looks like something a baglady would wear, to me. ;)