Review: Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

420x320 OLED Display
4GB Internal Memory
3.2 Megapixel Camera
Battery: 3h talk/300 standby
Extras: Leather case, Bluetooth handsfree and table stand/dock.

MRSP: £1 000

In today’s increasingly superficial world ,dressing flawless from top to toe is just start of a shining image. Anyting you own can and will be used against you by people in the surroundings. We use cellphones everyday and harly ever leave home without them which isn’t surprising that we spend a hefty sum of money making sure our cellphones mirror our character and taste.

If a Blackberry is your company phone then the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is your personal phone. Rather than treating of phones as tools that manage our diary, display our emails and lets us make phone calls Nokia wants us to open our eyes up to the world of phones for the successful and style conscious individual. Speaking the same language as pair of designer jeans, exclusive trench coat of Swiss watch the 8800 Carbon Arte speaks the language of emotions. Bridging the gap between standard Nokia phones and their super exclusive Vertu handsets that are highly popular amongst oligarchs and wealthy poker players. Most striking is the built quality of the Carbon Arte. Composed of exotic materials such as titanium and carbon fibre immaculately welded together into a sublime art deco design the phone feels as grand as an Audemars Piguet or a Hublot watch. Astoundingly there are no squeaks or glitches in the construction and it even feels more exclusive than one of the Vertu phone that is just made out of metal and leather but cost a preposterous £1 600 more.

The semi-finger print resistant screen is a welcomed attribute that prevents the screen from getting smudgy as you’re average glossy gadget. Yao Ming wouldn’t be smile at the size of the buttons but they happen to be fairly usable for people with big hands. If typing message is an agony, one can use a computer to remotely control the phone thanks to the Bluetooth connect and the Nokia PS Suit software that automatically detects and sync contacts and messages when the devices are within 10m reach of each other. Syncing emails is possibility as well but would you really want to read messages on such device?

Sadly the Carbon Arte is more like table ornament on at a busy Friday night restaurant rather than a high-end phone. Although simplified and polished up the technical features of the phone are equal to those of a top of the line Nokia in 2004. The phone can be explained as Fred Flintstone dressed in an Iron Man suit. Unlike the legendary 8850 it lacks the technical innovation you’d expensive in a product that commands twice the price of a top end phone like the Black Berry Storm or HTC Touch HD. Providing a tranquil, sexy and compelling experience the Carbon Arte does fall short of substance compared with similar status products like the Bugatti Veyron or a Bang & Olufsen home cinema system which both perform as good as they look. In other words I can gladly recommend you not to buy the phone since Nokia are capable of create a product that is more convincing.

Extraordinary build quality in a sleek portable package.

Sophisticated design with an incredible tasteful character.

Nokia PC Suit software.
Bundled accessories.

Phenomenal clarity in the sound quality.
Applications like translator and size converter. Perfect for jetsetters.

Small screen that lacks a bit in brightness.

Useless internet browsing capabilities.


4GB of space for songs and video yet the device doesn't come with headphones.
Somewhat prehistoric specs with zero innovation.

Grade: 6.0/10 There are many reasons to love this handset and it is an amazing phone that shines like the polar star during a cocktail party. Sadly it isn’t worth the £ 1 000 for anyone with love for technology. It’s time for Nokia to get their R&D department to put some work into the 8800 series because they looking less advance for every new model. This calls for a revolution.


Anonymous said...

This is a cool looking phone. But I'm not sure it's as stylish as the new Krave ( I work with Motorola and the Krave allows you to scroll through photos without even opening your phone! It has this really cool clear flip screen that I definitely think you should check out…

Nick said...

Dear Anonymous: The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is more great, luxury and stylish then the Krave. The Krave look not as nice and professional as the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte. The Krave is just technology and its look just like some regular phone you can get from a store for free when you open the plan. But Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is different. Its all about CLASSIC, LUXURY and STYLISH. This is the phone can make people tell who you are or what level are you (highclass, ofcourse)!!!!!