Welcome to winter.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Happy Halloween folks! See this entry as the revival of the blog which has technically been in a coma half paralyzed because the absence of a computer. A cookie goes to any drunken Halloween celebrator who can withstand a slow 30 minute Yoga session out in the oblitbagerating cold that suddenly descended on Londoners the two 2 days ago. With many people flocking to stores shopping for gloves, hats and scarfs this calls for a justifiable purchase of a bag.

Humans suffer from ignorance attacks that can even struck the most street wise patrons. Having been out in sub zero weather entering a warm environment, it’s common behaviour to take off outdoor accessories like gloves, hats, bullet proof vests and what not. The biggest trap in doing so is onboard public transportation. With a non-vacated seat next to you it’s common to rest glove on the lonely seat with warming up the fingers with some good old cell phone fiddling. When it’s time to get off amnesia while any sense of awareness or responsibility for your belongings leaves your body automatically making your body fly off the ride. 5 minutes later, reality hits as one remember that something is missing but then the train, bus or tram is long………….gone. Therefore the best way to avoid losing 2-5 pairs of gloves during the winter is by keeping everything in a bag when it’s not in use.

Presented here is the David Blaine of travel bags that comes with a playful print relying on optical illusion fooling human eyes into thinking that what’s before them is a bag wide open like Jenna Jameson’s legs during a shooting with everything fully visible. Attracting curious eyes and shoplifter hunting for vulnerable Christmas shopping this Paul Smith bag is exciting but casual enough for everyday use during the winter.


Terencesambowrites said...

Welcome back buddie, missed ur posts u gotta work on ur computer, thought it had a warranty? the cold should not be a problem for you we all know how cold Gothenburg can be.... xoxo

Hip Hip Hackney said...

Ahhh, I love the purple lining!


naboonies said...

I'm tricked by the optical illusion! I thought the pen and the diary really jut out from the pockets. Good job, Mr Smith!

ESPY Menswear said...

it looks like snakeskin

Mike said...

may i noe hw much does it cost?in SGD or USD..=)