Christmas Special: Small gifts, big thoughts.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas list 2008

It’s no myth that men avoid any conversation or interaction that would wake up the emotional teddy bear inside them. This is especially true when people around are other men pretending to be as ice cold and unemotional as a frozen fish stick.

Unlike women we don’t carry out cute little gestures like giving our homeboy, main man or best mate a basket of cinnamon flavoured croissants with a jar of Hartley's Best Strawberry Jam. When was the last time a fellow man surprised you with a can of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream when you’re at home battling a cold? Yes ice cream might be last best thing to eat when sick but the flavour does keep you happy. It’s time be men break out of our nut shell and show some love and appreciation to our dearest male comrade.

Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men.

This Sexy version is a remake of the classic 212 fragrance but has a more romantic character. Very distinct the sophisticated warm scent of flowers will ensure compliments from ladies while camouflaging garlic-like odours from your mate’s armpits.
212 Sexy Men gift set: £28 Estimated price.

The Dark Knight

Watch Batman “The Dark Knight” on Blu-Ray, and DVD will be a thing of the distant past. Ushering the world into a new era of home cinema the “The Dark Knight” on Blu-Ray offers daunting level of image detail, wide scope scenes filmed using IMAX camera and an amazing sound track by Hans Zimmer. It’s one of the flicks that become better the more you watch it, a living classic that deserves to be on the DVD between Scarface and Doctor Zhivago.
Dark Knight Blu-Ray two disc special: £15 estimated price.

Calfskin leather belt.

A formal black leather belt with a minimal strap is an item that should be in the wardrobe of any respectable man. The craftsmanship of a well built one will project a high level of self-assurance that can’t be mimicked by wearing a belt with a buckle the size of a Ferris wheel.
Brooks Brothers calfskin leather belt: £65 estimated price.

Card Holder.

Although not highly versatile in its usability this card holder is a necessity during occasion where a hamburger sized wallet would be too bulk, like at a party of an event. With space for a credit card, driver’s license and a few bank notes it accommodates the essentials.
Mulberry Card Case: £48 estimated price.

Nintendo DS Lite.

Gaming doesn’t have to be barricading yourself an entire weekend in your parent’s basement playing World of Warcraft. The Ninendo DS Lite offers time killing games for people who even don’t like gaming consoles. Various puzzles and intellectually stimulating games gives every man the reason to enter a state of isolation after Christmas dinner.
White DS Lite + Brain training starter pack: £117 estimated price.

Purple polka dot tie.

Of all there is to buy, a tie ranks as the most unimaginative gifts. Ties are perceived as last minute choices for people who can’t bother to dedicated time and energy to finding their beloved ones the best possible gift. It doesn’t have to be like that as there are several ties that shine bright as any other gift. A purple white dotted tie is one of beautiful ties a man can wear. Perfect for fine occasions it has an eye catchy but yet mature and masculine appearance that suits men of any character.
RL Purple label satin tie: £120 estimated price.