Editor's Letter 2008.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Good evening my beloved ladies, gentlemen, sirs, misses, mistresses, tom girls, boy toys, call girls and anyone who read at least one sentence on my blog. Thank you very much for your visits and support for the thrival of fashion literature for men alive.

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend as I’ve enjoyed some lovely sunshine this Sunday. I spent the Saturday night watching “Tropical Thunder” featuring Ben Stiller in his usual character. Although the movie won’t get a strong recommendation from me it’s decent entertainment for a empty evening in the calendar, though there was an appalling amount of product placement that makes you want to categorise the movie in the same basket as your “Don’t wait to get huge” and “The truth behind 9 inches” Viagra spam emails. Tons of big names in the movie amongst a near unrecognizable Tom Cruise playing a hilarious role reminiscent of cocky Ari Gold in Entourage.

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This Sunday we are going academic, examining the theory behind men’s fashion. Recently it struck me how men’s fashion has yet to reach its pinnacle. Men of influence like Barack Obama could easily put on a giant fur coat, oversized velvet bow tie and a big fat Breitling Chronomat to show that all American souls belong to him. Expectedly he came out for his speech without having done a wardrobe change. Other major names of the political scene haven’t turned to their countries respective fashion designer for a supply of tailored shoes throughout their mandate period. As a president or prime minister who of you wouldn’t consult Valentino or Giorgio Armani for 21 suits and an endless supply of white shirts? Fact is that the style of many politicians is as pale and dull as one of my friend’s choice of burgers, which are those consisting of nothing but the bread and the meat with no ketchup, pickles, salad or cheese.
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Sarah Palin’s campaign officers reportedly spent $150 000 on her wardrobe. To put the figure into perspective, it’s basically a department store. But as a person in power benevolence is a deal with no worm holes to be available for enemies to turn into weaknesses. Furthermore the public core view of a man is “Thou shall not waste more money on clothes than your faithful wife”. Sarah Palin might have enjoyed popping tags every morning but the minute she failed to meet her expectations as a vice president elect, she was charged with media fire thanks to her Mariah Carey-sized wardrobe for a worm hole. The lesson is that a good dresser in one who can adapt their style to the situation or environment they are faced with.

Have you ever dressed in black from head to toe and been asked by someone if you’re going to a funeral? If the answer is a reluctant yes then it meant that you were dressed in appropriately. Black on black dressing only works in certain occasion and those include funerals, cocktail parties and robbery of a DHL depot 04:45am on a quiet Sunday. Perfectly as someone may have dressed they can still look more stupid than a fireman deciding to dress up as a fireman for Halloween party at the fire station. Looking too avant-garde you might come across as unapproachable by people around you which is why a decent amount of colour and light tones are good to have in the closet. Coloured socks are brilliant to wear in public as they break the balance our your outfit and projects the message that your not taking yourself too serious. With people not being able restrain themselves from staring at your socks on the London underground your friends can use that as a diversion to steal wallets of the spectators. Almost like men unable to take their eyes away from the lower back of a chick sitting on a chair with her thong exposed by her low cut jeans.

What most men have a deficit in are pants that are neither black nor blue. A pair of chinos, beige jeans or grey formal trousers is the best foundation for a casual appearance. White shirts are overlooked as their a fear of getting them dirty but Vanish and good detergent will get them to look like brand new with a breeze. A £60-100 pound shirts will sustain countless of washes and still feel like brand new each time it comes out of the drier smelling lavender like the shirt I’m wearing in the photos.


Serban Vasilescu said...

I really like your pats and your shoes, but you should try to match the watch strap with your belt. Have a nice day/evening!:)

iluwfashion said...

Thanks. Soon I'll hopefully have the cash to buy two more watches, one with a metal bracelet and the other one with a black strap.

Anonymous said...

can't agree more! i will never dress in total black. it is way too convenient and uninspiring. but still, those people think it is 'cool' to dress in all black. i bet these people are just lazy or perhaps deprived. black is too easy.
haha. gdday!

Raz said...

I know that for me, my upper half tends to be a bit on the formal side (or as people around here call it, "Fancy") so my lower half does the casual.

Sadly that usually means jeans (light chinos hate the local climate). I like your recommendation of colored socks, which is an excellent thing to keep in mind (and one I've only recently begun to follow).

As a shoe whore, however, I tend to accomplish something with sneakers. Stylish yet subdued sneakers can turn even a three piece suit into a more friendly or inviting ensemble. Puma is good for this (especially if you don't want to use the tried and true Converse route). The El Rey form is especially nice. It's a shame they don't keep the El Patchy II around. It's the prefect shoe.

andrwagts said...

the shoes are beautiful

Anonymous said...

What brand is your pants?

iluwfashion said...

Thank you all. The Jeans are by Wrangler and for anyone curious about the shoes they are by Kurt Geiger and can probably only be bought in the UK.

Anonymous said...

love your outfit!

i like lye and scott too

Bill said...

“Thou shall not waste more money on clothes than your faithful wife”

Hey! I spend way more money on clothes than my wife. I guess that makes me her "bitch" then! LOL! ;)