Wednesday, 10 December 2008

One of my all time favourite residential estates is this spectacular mansion which is beyond people’s dreams. Isolation on a par with the Jetsons will ensure that neighbours can’t take a peak if a nude Saturday afternoon Pilates session with the receptionist from the local gym is taking place in the house. The agony walking up and down the steep drive way to fetch the mail from the post-box by the entry gate can most likely only be solved by acquiring a Segway or some sort.

Given my admiration for the out of the ordinary artistic house, my eyes instantaneously glowed the second I saw the replication of the interior in the Warner Bros movie ‘Speed Racer’. Written and directed by the Wachowski brothers most noted for the sublime skills for amazing visuals seen in ‘V for Vandetta’ and the ‘Matrix’ trilogy. The pool, balcony and concrete pillar are an excellent reference to this estate and evoke giggles in any architecture enthusiast.


Tony Toni Toné said...

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Aparna said...

What a beautiful house. I love this house.