No one read blogs on Christmas Eve.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Happy holidays folks! Finally the day has come when everyone put their swords and shield down for some quality time spent with their loved ones. The entire world is at a standstill as the post man is resting, stores are closed and no newspapers to be read. If NY is the city that never sleeps then the internet is the world that never stays still which is why I’m going to savour this day of dropped readership by posting some slight off topic non-sense. After all, who reads blogs on Christmas eve?

During the week I’ve had a new tenant in my bag and for the first time it’s non-university related literature. Writing is one of my pleasures in life and so is reading, but not reading novels. There are too many distractions like TV and computers that prevents me from focusing 1-2 hours on a novel when I can watch a movie, surf the web or play some computer game. What I’ve had in my book this week is not just any book but Esquire magazine’s “Handbook of style”. Prior to receiving it I had zero expectations and had no preconceived notions as I have never read an issue of Esquire. The exterior of the book is very tasteful covered in a navy blue canvas with a purple label stating the title in white stitching. You would think it was adopted by Esquire from Lauren’s ‘Purple Label’ collection.

221 pages long the book contains a vast number of highly valuable tips that would even gain interest by people who knows how to dress. Reading the book is a pleasure as the language is easy to understand as the author hasn’t used unwarranted adjectives in an attempt to make the book sound more fancy. The layout and font contribute to the appeal too, no matter what page you jump into the gratification is instant. In spite the user friendliness the book double as the time machine, all the graphics and monochrome pages gives you the impression that the book was printed during the industrial revolution. Although photo’s of Andre 3000, George Clooney and Jonny Depp makes it feel contemporary there’s no denying that a few diagrams and photos in colour would have increased the visual appeal. On the other hand there is plenty of witty in there for occasional HIHIs and HAHAs.

Is it worth $15? Many of the pages cover things you had no idea that you didn’t know, but it’s a very one sided book. Unless you occasionally wear blazers and suits the book won’t be much of assistant in your career to style greatness. Everything from the content about shoes and accessories to grooming and outerwear evolve around suits. In fact, the book should be renamed to ‘Style handbook for Dandies’. Additionally there are no snazzy tips in there that would give you the extra edge in the business class lounge at Heathrow airport. The conservative dresser will enjoy the ‘Handbook of Style’ book but the fashion week junkie will be left with a non-flavour taste in their mouth. Depending on who you are a 6 month magazine subscription might be the better source for fashion inspiration and tips.

Is it a must have? No, some of the tips can be found in old magazine issues dusting somewhere in your home.

Is it a good read?
Yes, quick way of passing time while gaining new knowledge

Can the money be better spent elsewhere? Yes, a 6 months fashion magazine subscription is a better investment many times over.

Grade: 6.5/10 Splendid bookshelf ornament that isn’t strong enough to justify its price.


ELVIA said...

fab book!
merry christmas, love!

iluwfashion said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

Homme Times said...

It's so true how no one reads blogs on Christmas Eve, but I also find that some people don't even bother to post. It's all understandable though.

Matt Fox said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll take a look.

ash.N.fuz said...

merry xmas n happy new year

ash.N.fuz said...

merry xmas n happy new year

ash.N.fuz said...

merry xmas n happy new year