Hero of the week: David Beckham - chivalry isn't dead

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Celebrating thanksgiving in New York Victoria and David Beckham encountered the usual herd of paparazzi. Total focused on the super stylish couple one clumsy tomboy-ish looking photographer forgot to watch her path way stumbling right into a by standing bicycle. Exercising chivalry David took the noble route of offering a helping hand to the embarrassed photographer who ironically ended up getting photographed by other photographers.

Wearing a pair of unusually high waist trousers part of an extraordinary three piece suit David looked very right as he matched the swagger of her majesty Victoria Beckham. Not escaping anyone’s eyes are David’s interesting looking shoes what might evoke a gag reflex in some. One can’t deny that the shoes made the outfit and are an excellent choice compared with the typical gaudy shoes worn by soccer players on a night out. Living Scientology prophet Tom Cruise joined the Beckhams on celebration which probably included Victoria giving thanks to European shopping boutiques on 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive.


Trendsetters IIII: Men in UGGs.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

There are certain things in life that were designed for women and should solely be used by them for eternity. Just because some bored marketing manger had vivid visions of making name for himself by thinking outside the box, doesn’t mean that whatever product has “male” stated on the package should be used by a man. Such products include thongs, mascara, knitting kits and skirts.

Wearing something one would expect to see Mariah Carey dressed in after possibly divorcing Nick Cannon, Leonardo Dicaprio was caught rocking a deep purple velour tracksuit with contrasting beige UGGs. Missing gold jewellery and a Swarovski encrusted Black Berry in hand there is very little else to say about his choice of outfit but corny. Regardless if you’ve starred in Titanic, the biggest movie every, UGGs simply don’t belong on the feet of a man. Beside the warmth and cosiness their aesthetic attributes are negative as high powered halogen bulbs in an elevator are to someone late to a meeting having their sweaty head hit by them.

The championship belt for ghastly male outfit is Roll Stars extra ordinary Ronnie Wood. They say that behind every great man is a great woman but in this case the saying doesn’t apply as Ronnie’s 20 years old gold digger for a girl friend/ toy girl, Ekaterina Ivanova , most likely look more adorable in UGGs then him. Visually the monstrous shoes and puffy jacket makes his legs look like toothpicks. Taking his age into consideration there is nothing left to do but facepalm in dismay of this display of poor taste.


Ermenegildo Zegna AW08.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Those headlines in news are depressing aren’t they? Bold letters in large fonts slamming credit crunch carnage into our eyes creating the fear that we might be next in line to be made redundant at work. What the public are forgetting is that, there is chaos there is panic and possibilities.

Most of the biggest dictators that have ever lived all rose to greatness when their nations were in a negative state. An economic slowdown has the function as a reset button for the capitalistic markets All those who got a boosted net worth last year due to inflated house prices and values of IT shares like Google, are now devastated as their fortune evaporate into space. Suddenly your neighbour driving Porsche 993 Turbo has to trade it in for a VW Golf and is no financially reduced to the same level as yourself. This is the time for all the juniors, apprentices, interns and peasants to stand up and rise above their superiors. Ermenegildo Zegna has a splendid AW08 collection for underdogs aspiring to rise in classic style.


Blue is brilliant.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Colours are powerful tools in affecting our mood and feelings which is why we constantly play around with desktop wallpapers depending on our emotional state. Prisons use grey walls to bore the hell out of inmates to the level that the only sight of joy is the backside of another man. McDonalds’ used to decorate their interiors in bright red and yellow turning children into zombies forcing parents inside to hand over money in exchange for a oily fries and burger containing no ketchup. Blue is the most beloved colour thanks to the sky and the sea which dominate our vision throughout the day except Al Qaida accountants working in caves.
Vacheron Constantin Platine Patrimony Double Retrograde

Blue is a relaxing colour that is favoured by the large portion of corporations producing grooming and body care products. Just check your bathroom and you’ll see blue Nivea and Gillette products. Given the tranquil aura of this colour, a watch with blue details will form the basis for a lifestyle relieved of stress. Instead of panicking every time the eyes are focused on the watch a smile followed by closed eyes and a deep breath should emerge. Inspire yourself with these exemplary time instruments.

Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenge 48 Black Flag

Baume & Mercier Classima Executive Skeleton


BAA: Airport Gift List.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

BAA announce Airport Gift List

Whether you find travelling a joy or a chore, shopping at the airport has just become even more exciting for fans of retail therapy and that bit simpler for those who are less keen. BAA has launched http://www.airportgiftlist.com which is a gift list shopping service. Indecisive Christmas shoppers are able to choose gifts from 6 lists containing gifts for him, her, kids, gadget lovers and people with an appetite for luxury.

Visitors of the website can create their own lists that can be emailed to
family and friends, giving them a helping hand in selecting the right gift.
Alternatively givers can consult with the celebrity lists, one of
which has been created by actor Rupert Penry-Jones from the BBC TV-series Spooks. Amongst the tasteful gifts handpicked by Penry-Jones is a coolretro styled camera by Paul Smith, a lovely after shave by Dior Homme and an advanced Sony PSP.

Shop & Collect: UK passengers departing from any BAA airport to a
destination within the EU may purchase whatever items they wish in the
departure lounge and collect them from the Shopping and Collection Point in arrivals on their return.


One of the gifts on Spook's star Rupert Penry-Jones list is an exclusive
Mont Blanc Classique Fountain Pen that makes writing a pleasure thanks to anib made out of gold and platinum. I Luw Fashion readers now have chance of winning this fine piece of craftsmanship with an estimated high street price of £250. All that is required is for entrants to write a Christmas(must be in the title) related post on their blog while linking to http://iluwfashion.blogspot and http://www.airportgiftlist.com in the same post.

Readers without a blog can enter by leaving their entry in the
comment section. All entrants should submit their name, address and phone number to the email address listed below – All entries to be received by Wednesday 10th December 2008.

Prize is courtesy of BAA and The Pen Shop

Terms and Conditions

These rules are in addition to the standard http://iluwfashion.blogspot.com/.

1. This competition is open to I Luw Fashion readers worldwide, aged 18 and over except employees of BAA and I luw Fashion and its parent company, the promoter and their immediate families, the promoters advertising agency and promotion consultancy, and anyone else connected with the creation and administration of the promotion.

2. Prizes are non-transferable, non-negotiable and no cash alternatives will be offered.

3. In the event of circumstances beyond their control, the promoter reserves the right to substitute the prize for another prize of equal value.

4. Blog entries must link back to http://iluwfashion.blogspot.com/ and www.airportgiftlist.com

5. By entering this promotion, the entrant agrees to be bound by the rules and by any other requirements set out in the promotional material accompanying the promotion.

6. By entering this promotion, the entrant agrees to the terms of the privacy policy which allow for I Luw Fashion to pass your personal information to the promoters and their data processors.

7. The winner’s entry will be judged based on creativity, wit, and general brilliance! Selected by I Luw Fashion.

8. The Winner will be informed by email, mail within 28 days of the selection date. The Winner is required to confirm their win within twenty one (21) business working days otherwise they will lose their entitlement to the prize and the prize will not be re-allocated.

9. Only one entry per person per valid email or member log.

10. The Promoter will not accept responsibility for lost through technical fault, incomplete, illegible or other damaged entries. Proof of entry is not automatically proof of receipt.

11. I Luw fashion’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

Images curtsey of BAA

Competition has ended.


Mercedes ConceptFASCINATION.

Monday, 17 November 2008

In the recent 15 years 4x4’s have gone along way. From crossing muddy terrain in Africa and South America, to becoming the number one enemy of tree huggers. While cannibalizing the sales of mini vans, the average SUV never touch gravel or sand during its existence but instead spend most day and night on tarmac. No longe is a man super cool for rolling the streets on board a 2 ton car. If the Lexus RX SUV is for house wives engaging in daytime TV shopping buying a kitchen knife set every other year, then the Mercedes Concept Fascination is for the modern and sensible dandy.

Giving a preview of the new Mercedes E-class and CLK coming early next year, Mercedes has designed a concept cars that blurry the line between style and practicality. An estate and a coupe has been morphed into a striking shape that won’t look out of place in the valet parking of a Ritz Carlton hotel but can at the same time transport a dry cleaned suit laying flat in the cabin. Additionally the generous space is perfect for transporting a Christmas gift for yourself like a 50 inch Pioneer plasma TV.

Covered in crème and deep brown leather accented by oak wood panels there is no need to put a sign “Boys only” on the door handles for admirers to understand that the car is designed for gentlemen. Resembling the ambiance of a cigar lounge there are intelligent compartments for recreational objects such as professional camera, Cuban cigars as well as two champagne classes for proposing a toast when secretly hiding in a underground parking lot with lover from administration at work.

The interior layout and the seats will be seen in the new CLK, while the front end and the masculine line swooping from the tail lights over the wheel arches will be seen on both the new CLK and E-class.


Shoe upgrade.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

The difference between men and women is that men buy shoes because they have to, while women buy shoes because they like to. The average woman has more shoes than there are days in week. Given the amount a torture a pair of shoes have to withstand, worn out or uncared for shoes is the most common taboo amongst men. Filthy or damaged shoes automatically cancels out any dressing effort made on rest of the body as it’s the last thing someone will remember. It’s as bad as dirty teeth or hair that’s not combed, and gives a poor impression on one’s lifestyle.


A new pair of shoes makes us walk gracefully as the Queen of England as we walk carefully in order not to trash the precious things our feet are wearing. Like a set of new rims on a car, an addition to the shoes we already own can be very uplifting for our appearance.

Paul Smith

Yves Saint Laurent

Comme des Garcons

Burberry Prorsum

Dries Van Noten