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Sunday, 11 January 2009

New York Stock Exchange
It’s time to revisit the mother land, not mine but the blog’s because it was in a large air-conditioned flat in Orange Country where I gave birth to this very blog. Although the current Pound-Dollar exchange rate is painfully unfavourable to me crossing the pond from the United Kingdom of Queen Elizabeth, I’m still going ahead with my plans of visiting New York during the last days of this month.
NYC, New York City, Central Park, Manhattan
London has treated me very well but small angels on my shoulders are whispering encouraging words telling me that there might be a future for me in New York. That’s not to say I’ll be calling Donald Trump tomorrow asking him for a good deal on a 2 room condo on the Upper East Side. Nothing has been written in stone and the trip will be on an evaluation and vacation basis. Leisure is obviously high up on the list which is where I need the help of you New Yorkers, and I know there are quite many of you reading this blog. I’ll be staying right in the middle of the cake, in the Manhattan area so I would appreciate tips on places to visit, stunning art galleries, cool shops and since I have an incredible passion for food tips on exciting restaurants are welcomed. So please drop me a few lines using email or write tips in the comment section.


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NarutoRamen said...

Hey Luw. It's Raman from German Car Zone. Yo man, I'd love some Fashion advice from you bro!

Take care, good to know you're doing well. Happy late New Year!

Jen said...

New York has everything! What are you looking to do while you're here? Shopping, shows, spas, any special interests?

James said...

hey man, first, from one student of style to another, i'd like to say... nice blog.

as for places to visit in nyc... i myself just moved to nyc in aug. and in the midst of all my hustling, i've come across some spots you might wanna check out...

nice shops - Billy Reid (54 Bond St., Lafayette & Bowery St., billyreid.com), and Opening Ceremony (35 Howard St., between Broadway & Crosby St., openingceremony.com)

nice eats - Angelo's of Mulberry (146 Mulberry St., 212.966.1277, angelomulberry.com)

iluwfashion said...

Ramen: Happy new year to you to and I hope all is fine:)

Jen: I'm looking to do what ever there is to do in NY. Shopping won't be my main priority as London pretty much has the same to offer as NY although I'm looking to buy myself a bag and a mechanical watch while I'm there. So shopping is still of interest.

Other interests include art, food and the obvious sightseeing.

James: Thanks for the links. Billy Reid has some very attractive designs.

Aaron Brown said...

you should stay in london. it's a better city.

Mens designer clothing said...

What is this picture with the busy city then the large green space

wholesale clothing said...

italy fashion is better than london's

KevyKevykelvin said...


ikeBoakye said...

Hey I love your blog, am from nyc, thanks for making a men's fashion blog like this, like kanye west say "thank you and you're welcome".