International Watch Company Pilot Top Gun edition.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Themed watches have the same appeal as a new flavour of Ben&Jerry’s, the first sight of it leads to an instant crush that can lead promiscuous consumers to spread their wallets wide open in the blink of an eye. Falling in love with this brilliant Top Gun branded IWC Pilot is a €9 200 non-recession friendly affair that will last longer than typical themed product that morph into an object of boredom after 14 days.

Carved out of titanium the case is in coated in the manly matte colour that’s lately become popular. The window for the date is designed in the same style as the altimeter in the cockpit of the fighter jet with the aviation spirit spread like clouds throughout the watch. IWC have kept the Top Gun details to minimum leaving the watch with a neutral appearance but with a gentle touch of discrete personality. 1000 of these handsome units will make a stealthy entry into certified IWC retailers around the world.