Mr. Australia

Monday, 12 January 2009

Having prominent facial hair with an ability to grow colossal side burns have made Hugh Jackman a well suited actor to play Woolverine in the X-Men movies. Buff as a henchman Hugh looks strong enough to do 15 push ups with a fully grown kangaroo taking a power nap on his back.
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Not very noted in the world of style a pleasant surprise was in store for fans at the New York premier of the movie “Australia” as Jackman appeared in an alarmingly neat version of himself. In a perfectly tailored bronze coloured suit he moderately matched the western-styled mood of the movie in the most discrete manner. Without compromising his own identity too much there was some facial stub left on the face for a presentable red carpet look. This a tidy effort by Hugh Jackman who has orchestrated a sublime and flawless high profile while avoiding pretentious Hollywood glitz.


Aaron Brown said...

his shoes are flawless

Tuffer said...

the vest is the perfect touch to take it to the next level.

Spot Innovation said...

He is so sexy. he'll never be ugly.