Royal dressing.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Whether you are a designer, musician or a gardener you’re an artist in one way or another. The human body is a handsome canvas open to expression using body paint or the conventional matter, clothes. Used not only to shield our bodies from cold weather and harm, but what we choose to wear tell a story about ourselves or what associations we would like to carry.
Royalty posses the highest rank in manners and social behaviour, and spike admiration in many who aspire to follow in the footsteps of those who rule and conquer. Stand on the coastline and far away on the horizon you shall two shades of blue meeting and those two forces are the sea and the sky. Blue is overwhelmingly prominent colour in the grand wardrobe of a prince or King. Contrary to black that symbolise the supreme power of evil, blue project emotions of dominance and triumph. Highlights such as ties, handkerchiefs and cufflinks does a best job complimenting the outfit in burgundy or red.
Cartier Rotonde Central Chronograph

Brooks Brothers

Having served messengers, knights and lords, the horse is the animal treated with most respect. Muscular, versatile and fast it’s undeniably a valuable entity from many aspects. Standing pretty with a long tail which hair is used as strings for violin criticism is difficult to fabricate while the elegance and grace leaves plenty to admire. Safari cargo pants are common amongst tourists during the summer which makes jockey fashion acceptable.

Tom Ford

Big is beautiful and the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe is big, beautiful and magnificent. Much larger than pictures can tell the car is more like a land vessel than a car, due to the commanding size it’s guided through the traffic rather than driven. Complete with a full leather interior that can be specified to more colour than a blind dog can dream off, the Roller is an extraordinary as a luxury car can be.

Fall/Winter collections 2009 are dominated by thrilling double breasted suits unlike previous season where double breasted blazers were a niche. In 7 months the assortment will be supreme, allowing for a life time purchase of this authoritative clothing. A short cut is advised for a more slender and youthful appearance rather than one of traditional length seen worn by men in their 60s. Since I like living ahead of my time I coincidentally acquired a fine double breasted blazer by Aquascotum last week, joining the trend before it hit the retail stores.


Dolce & Gabbana

Emporio Armani & Prada

Myself - iluwfashion


dave said...

do you have any recommendations for some nice white shirts?
i can't seem to find any that don't have super long pointy collars. it's a pretty weird question, but i like your white shirt and i was just wondering

ELVIA said...

i adore your blog!

"dandy-ism" isn't it ;)

iluwfashion said...

Dave: The shirt I'm wearing is by ETON and was purchased in October last year. I absolutely love the material of the shirt, just a tiny bit pearly without being to obtrusive white being light enough for ventilation and comfort. My one is slim with an excellent fit and I will most likely pick up another one in the next coming weeks. Price is €100.

Elvia: Thank:) Although one might classify it as dandy-ism I have to argue that it 100% isn't. Dandy-ism can look a bit dull and aged, this is more of an edgy spin-off.

TradingForexProfit said...

that Cartier watch and those suits are just so awesome. btw, very very nice blog.

dave said...

Eton makes the diamond shirt don't they?
that's craaaazy
but thanks a lot!!
keep blogging

chromega said...

Who designed the outfit the model is wearing in the picture above "Tom Ford"'s name? The one wear the model is in all brown with cream coloured pants. I ask because I love those boots.


beautyfull blog
amazing photos

des braisers!!

iluwfashion said...

chromega: That outfit is by Alexander Mcqueen if I'm not mistaken. Aw09

Tamia said...

Niiiiice. The tie/handkerchief combo is perfect.

chromega said...

thanx iluwfashion!!! You rock!!! I'm surprised I didn't recognize it off the bat since all I've been doing on my vacation is watching the runway shows on youtube.

lanvin3000 said...

I just have to say that I LOVE your pink wall! It's just the right shade...pretty cool without being too feminine.

iluwfashion said...

Tamia: Thank:)

Lanvin: The walls weren't really my choice but after a while they grew on me and I now love them as pink is an incredibly positive colour.