Keeping love locked down.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Valentine ’s Day is around the corner and a secret admirer has yet to send Cupid to shot you at while you’re a sleep then it’s time to tune in the frequency of love. Dedicate this weekend to the precious Mary Jane of your life, enlighten her with a romantic and quiet bath while her heart beat echo throughout the tailed bathroom creating water ripples that rock 101 rose pedals in the bathtub. If your heart is bleeding out of love incapable of keeping you strong in the jungle of Valentine shopping frenzy of plastic roses, overpriced cards and heartbreakingly childish Hello Kitty gifts, let this list guide you to the heart of the love of your life.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but can also be a girl’s worst kryptonite. In theory a ring with a diamond the size of Yao Ming’s right fist is the ultimate Valentine’s gift but it can be overwhelming if given to someone who love for you is equal to the size of a peanut. A customisable charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo is safe way of expressing the three magic words without going overboard.


Never overlook the sense of taste. Chocolate is delicious but luxury chocolate is a threesome of intensity, flavour and pleasure. If you are in a love/hate relationship then eat the entire bottom layer before your partner has discovered that there is one.

Small items

Marc Jacobs has publically displayed his unorthodox sexual orientation but has nonetheless managed to keep his head straight in the times of economic turbulence, and offered recession relief in the form of exceptionally well designed designer goods at humane prices. Jacobs by Marc Jacobs is the brand to look out for when shopping for affordable designer goods.


Eric said...

"unorthodox sexual orientation"? Since when is loving someone in a healthy, consenting relationship grounds to be called an outlier or a sign of not having one's "head on straight"?

Paul said...

I agree with the above. What is considered orthodox in any sexual relationship?

iluwfashion said...

Oh sorry for the misunderstanding. I was talking from a biological perspective and I hope that it hasn't been interpreted in the wrong way. An overwhelming majority of my favourite designers happen to be gay so I have absolutely nothing against gay people at all. If I was president of the universe gay marriage would be permitted in every single galaxy.

Angela Simmons said...

You need not apologize, I love how you expressed and presented your post. I really adore the girl's dress, could really complement one's curves. Perfect outfit for Valentine's day. Gotta get myself a date!

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is 'unorthodox sexual orientation'? And what the fuck is 'talking from a biological perspective'? Keep digging your own hole.

RJ said...

I wanted that key chain in gold and silver instead I got stuck with the stinky rats.