Male wellbeing.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Are you tired of carrying them too, the twin Petronas towers attached to your shoulder blades? 451.62 meter of solid steel and reinforced concrete slowly sinking your spirit down to hell’s piggy bank of dimishing souls. February is the month when reality hits shoppers who forgot about the lag time from when a credit card is swiped during the January sales to the day when the first rectangular letter containing a payment request slip into the mail box. The mood is further hammered by the increasing number of redundancies on the morning papers.

Toyota was riding on the high horse last year as they surpassed GM in production, taking the throne as the largest car manufacturer in the world. Sales were climbing to new heights by ever month, shining a bright beacon of promising future for what can be described as one of the main pillars of the Japanese economy. What the crystal ball failed to tell analysts was that the happily ever period would come to an abrupt end. The senior management at Toyota have predicted bad omens for 2009 and announced that fiscal year 2008 would end in the company’s first profit in over 50 years. Many other previously highly profitable corporations have presented the financial world with red numbers in their annual reports that were issued earlier this month. Downsizing is happening across the board, from normal mom and pop stores near bankruptcy to giant multinational firms with dented profits. Suddenly buying a gift to your boss on his/her names day might be the way of securing a future at the company when it’s time for a bird to be shoved out of the nest.

This cloud of tension calls for a pause, a moment of relief and energy regeneration. Regular workouts at the gym or 2 kilometre sprint at the crack of dawn aren’t activities that fit suit everyone’s lifestyles, but an occasional visit to a health club can achieve the same euphoric climax as a weekend in a countryside spa. Some 10 minute warm-up on the treadmill followed by 30-40min of weight lifting will temporarily clear any negative thoughts on the head. Jumping into a pool afterwards for some Michael Phelps action is an excellent way of pausing time by floating a couple lengths across the pool. Best way of topping the day off is spending time in Jacuzzi for a therapeutic body treatment. The effects of these activities will leave you with the sensation of rebirth and will last for several days.

Hands are generally overlooked by men unlike women who paint their nails and store a small emergency type of lotion in their purses. Soft hands leave a memorable impression since men tend to have rough palms. With use of a hand lotion any palms can be improved to be closer to the skin of a baby’s feet. Comrades shaking your hands will feel signal of safety rushing through their bloodstream as soft hands project an image good wellbeing. Top that with a non-pretentious wrist watch like a vintage Omega watch rather than a brash Breitling Chronometer, Think more Hong Kong and less Monaco.

Some mornings are alike of a fireman hearing the alarm siren in the middle of the night, you jump out of the bed and leave at light speed without having grooming the face. A thorough facial treatment is a necessity of a fresh appearance and cannot be compensated for by compiling a smart outfit. Equally as important is a herbal facial lotion that gives a feel-good-Hollywood-glow, because happiness must prevail and for that to happen we must make an attempt in looking healthy and project a positive spirit.


YouNeed2Know said...

Nice article! Just a few more tips I'd like to add:

Drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day. Nothing helps one's complexion and overall good health more than being properly hydrated.

Meditation really helps as well. I tend to be rather hardcore about it, sometimes averaging 1.5 hours of meditation per day. However, 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bed can do wonders for both physical and mental health.

Sex! I can't stress this enough! Have plenty of it! Not only is it good exercise, but it, also, releases a batch of "good feel" chemicals into one's system.

And, last but not least. A good, healthy diet; full of fresh fruit, colourful vegetable, leafy greens, nuts, olive oil and lean meats.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! I just watched American Psycho this week. Iluw, can you recommend some facial products? I don't know what brand(s) to start with. Much thanks.

MoL said...

If I had one of those bathrooms, esp the second, I would never leave the tub.

Richard Holloway said...

Sorry I've got totally disagree about the hands bit. While you shouldn't have hands as rough as nylon rope, you should aim more for firm tough hands that while smooth don't give the impression that you've never done a hard days work in your life.

You want hands that can be just as able to pull in rope on a sailing boat as to softly caress your lady's back after a stressful day.

YouNeed2Know said...

@Richard: Most of us in the middle to upper socio-economic brackets have never had to do a hard *physical* days' work in our lives. And, I, for one, see no need to put forth some facade as if we have.

Even when I do some sort of manual labour - be it simple gardening or something more intense like a construction project at home - I always wear gloves so as to protect my hands.

I don't want the "tough" hands of a labourer. And, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being one.

iluwfashion said...

Anonymous: I haven't tried enough facial products in my life to be able to recommend any specific brands. What I suggest is that you try something that's in your price range. A good idea is even to ask for samples as they give you a chance to experiment before deciding what product you want to buy.