Mayor of New York Tailoring: Thom Browne.

Monday, 16 February 2009

What an eventful weekend it has been, sweaty and fearful nightmares on Friday the 13th and hours of snuggling and pillow talk on Valentine ’s Day. If ‘eternal failure of boredom’ are four words that perfectly describe your weekend, whining should end at this very moment since initiative and courage can end in mind blowing ejaculation of concepts and ideas.

Abstract tailor, Thom Browne must have “life is what you make it” written on his bathroom towels as he is increasing the pulse of tailor to exciting highs. Instead of presenting his Fall Winter 2009 collection on the runway, he chose to exhibit his latest designs with captivating military cues. Those of you who’ve served the army should mentally engage reverse gear and take a drive down memory lane to the tough days of spending 24 hours a day in a regiment with coloured tooth brush as the only way of distinguish oneself from the rest.

The sleek narrow ties and asphalt grey suits are derived from 1960s New York Wall Street trader. On top is a typical cadet jacket made out of cotton with no padding, making perfect weather protection for wearing over a suit. Due to terrorism threats, the stellar attach cases are in today’s society of atrociously strict airport security control a nightmare to travel with due to their suspect appearance. Scanning through the horde of models in the hall, it doesn’t take long to realise that they are all wearing the exact same outfit, but thanks to the multiplication Thome Browne has managed to make a memorable impression.


Lee Walker - - Learn How to Dress said...

Very nice set of pictures. May ask were you get those?