The Oscars/Working Wardrobe.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hopes of an early spring entry was shattered this Monday when angry heaven let heavy snow fall down on the UK which is already taken heavy punches in the rumble against the economic slowdown. Keeping the mood positive can’t be done by eating Cadbury’s chocolate, as adjustment of clocks for summer time isn’t scheduled until the end of March. Before then there is an important pit stop, the Academy awards.

The Oscar’s is the mount Everest of red carpet events with valleys or glamour, A-list stars and a mountain tip of goodie bags worth more than a luxury car. Leading up to award ceremony on the 22nd of February, the public is joining the circus by watching the nominated movies. Unexpectedly an overwhelming majority of the nominated pictures fall into the category of drama making an Oscar movies marathon a potentially life threatening downhill ride of boredom. IMDB has categorized Frost/Nixon as drama but in reality it is nothing alike slow paced “Revolutionary Road” that offer a melodramatic storyline curtsey of Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio who both put on powerful performances. Action movies don’t necessarily have to incorporate all the components of a Mission Impossible flick, the same way many find poker to be thrilling as American Football despite the absence of any body contact. Frost/Nixon deliver an enticing story evolving around the ego’s of two men and there’s exhilarating intellectual stimulus as seen in heist movie, that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Simplified to one sentence, it’s a man’s movie that will please those with an appetite for purposeful movie with 2 hours of 100% pleasure.

Hollywood movies are like a class trip originating from the mind of a 12 year old. Proceeding through the tunnel of approval the teacher has to give it green light before it reaches the headmaster who will require that trip is of an educational nature. Lastly there will be a parent and teachers meeting where all the grownups will get to add input and finally mould the activity to what’s “best for the children”. Sadly 12 year of Nicolas, his dream trip has been reduced to a museum visit in a city 3 hours away. Although different to some extent, most tinsel town flicks are similar in spirit and that is the reason why most movies fall short of astonishment against “Slumdog Millionaire”. The movie is a breath of fresh air in a world of over-fine tuned and constrained movies developed to entertain rather than simply tell a story. For that exact reason, some prefer reading books as they are storytelling in a pure form. Slumdog Millionaire is a captivating love story in like Romeo and Juliet packaged into a raw, simple and fee package. See it as your mother’s food that doesn’t sparkle as a meal at a top Michelin rated restaurant, but manage to accomplish the essence of food which is taste well and fill you up while maintaining high degree affordability. Try only eating out for an entire week and before you realise it, the scent of a home cooked meal smell like heaven.

Although the Slumdog Millionaire will continue to will millions of awards, Frost/Nixon is a movie to make note of as the costume design is utterly marvellous. David Frost brilliantly portrayed by Michael Sheen, presents what a brilliant work wardrobe should look like. Smart but punchy, almost every outfit worn by Frost is edgy while leaving out any pompous playboy appearance or “screw you I’m rich”-look worn by Michael Douglas in Wall Street.

Someone who’s profession demand constant wearing of shirts and suits should build up a wardrobe of 5-8 shirt. Priority number one is a pair of white shirts, one with French cuffs and the other with normal cuffs for occasions that require a comfortable or relaxed look. A light blue shirt is always a safe shirt when meeting clients and a white/blue striped shirt with white collar and cuffs is the heavy artillery to be used for demanding negotiations. The remaining shirts can be of various colours like yellow, white/green striped or even a polka dot shirt.
What women are good at is to never be satisfied. Regardless if they returned home on a Friday evening with shopping bags, they will somehow still managed to fall in love with some other new items the next week. Men don’t have the genetic love for shopping like women do, and thus they a very comfortable not buying new clothes for months if they are content with what’s in the closet. It’s not unusual to see a man wearing the same outfit for two days straight while a women who loves clothes more than husband, will rarely be seen wearing the exact same outfit two days in a row. Variety in daily attire evokes curiosity and Victoria Beckham damn sure knows a thing or two about that. A wardrobe should be like a fruit basket, every spoon put in the mouth should have a different combination of fruits compared with the previous one. First some pineapple and grape or how about banana together with papaya and strawberry, that’s delicious right?
Although most men don’t like the idea of pro-actively browsing the store for hours for something to buy for no reason at all, ties are great impulse purchases. They are affordable, easy to combine with what you existing shirts and suits but best of all ties are fun to show off. People do make note of them and the same applies to pocket squares.


POP COLONY said...

Totally agree with you on Frost/Nixon. It's not often that a movie set in the 70s doesn't fall into a mess of nauseating polyester and/or glitter glam.

And I can't avoid loving a movie that makes Gucci loafers a plot device. It's almost worthy of a Best Supporting Actor nod.

kiki said...

saw you on!!!


saville row tailors said...

Do you no if they used old suits or had new ones made on old templates?