Sunday, 15 March 2009

Publically displaying concern for the state mother earth is no longer synonymous with driving out at sea on a small raft intending to hang big Greenpeace banner on oil tankers. Modern day environmental patrons responsibly pull up alongside a curb on Rodeo Drive for a few slurps of Vitamin Water while enthusiastically exchanging words with a friend using a bluetooth headset. This is all done to the sound track of a silent whine from the electric starter engine in their Prius, promising them a place in heaven for not realising any emissions at while idle.

Never before has it been so politically correct to be self-righteous about ones carbon footprint and environmental contribution to a better planet. Various segments of the luxury market have recently been infiltrated with corporate socially responsible ideas ranging from packaging made from recycled phone bills to diamonds with no traces of blood. Here are two true environmentally friendly products that are free from pompous eco marketing but full of luxury and innovation.
Ulysse Nardin Chairman

Some smile at the sight of a sun rising on the horizon early in the morning and others lighten up when they see the swinging pendulum on the back of their Patek Philippe laying pretty on the bedside table. In a few weeks 1846 lucky buyers will have an additional pendulum in their lives, but this one in an unexpected device.

Prestigious wrist watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin will in a few weeks launch a mobile phone partially powered by a pendulum movement. More details will emerge as we get closer to the Basel watch exhibition taking place on the 26th of Mars. Named “Chairman”, corporate board members and chairmen around the world will increase their productivity generating electricity while doing embarrassing attempts in dancing at nightclubs abroad.
In the present time of phones with media playback and twittering, it would be vain to expect kinetic regeneration of this minor magnitude to possess the capabilities of powering a phone throughout a day. Due to the prematurity of the technology, only a few percentage of daily used electricity would at most come from the swinging pendulum. In spite of that, energy regeneration in cell phones is a giant pioneering leap for mankind.

Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Cayenne have been a major success selling in volumes exceeding 250 000 units but is most certainly not the four door Porsche enthusiasts have been craving for. Wives married to wealthy couldn’t be happier as the Cayenne is a bulky metal object of status with golden practically that allow transporting children to and from school. A considerable portion of the profits generated by the SUV have been used to develop the new Porsche Panamera.
Low, wide, long, muscular and with a face like a predator the Panamera has the stance of a 500kg alligator. And sure does it share the appearances of an alligator too, a discussion over the design can end in a brawl with everybody in a boardroom throwing chairs at each other. The question puzzling your head right now might be how on earth a big and brash car like this can be environmental friendly. Porsche engineers have amazingly defied common logical and made a car that’s highly efficient.

Accelerating from 0-100km/h in 4.0sec the top of the range Panamera Turbo accelerates faster than a Lamborghini Gallardo that has 520hp versus the Panamera’s 500 horse powers. Add the fact that Panamera has an interior cabin taken from a science fiction movie with space for four tall adults, there is little negativity to say of the car’s technical achievements in serving as a sports car and long distance cruiser at the same time. The capabilities of fully taking advantage of every single horse power while offering the same luxury and spaciousness as Mercedes S-Class, makes the Panamera a certified frenemy of global warming.


RJ said...

Can you please explain why that is a "w" instead of a "v". I don't mean to come off rude, but it's really bugging me. LOL

iluwfashion said...

RJ: Because my surname is Luwalira, so I mixed it with fashion to form the name for the blog.

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Nice question RJ. I've been asking myself the same question: why a "w" instead of a "v". Congratulation on your blog Luwalira.
Concerning this article, I just love that new porsche. I think that the car will be success specially with women. They want to have a sports car that seats four(4) person confortably and that new Porsche fits perfectly that profile. The only other option would have been the CLS that you mentionned and the Maserati.

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pure perfection

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