Lanvin & Paris.

Monday, 2 March 2009

In today’s world of fast media it’s easier than ever to become a hero. Upload an amusing stunt on Youtube and with luck one can become a hailed entertainer by millions of people for one week. Some clips are of such funny nature that they even earn a small blurb in foreign media and in rare cases the stunt might make it to prime time news. Back in the colonial days of the 1700s making foot prints in history was challenge to say the least.

Napoleon Bonaparte engraved his name in foundation of European history by achieving leadership excellence in his mid 20s. Using swift warfare techniques and strategies Napoleon is at the top row on the hall of fame wall for greatest military commanders of all times. Courageously proclaiming himself the emperor of France, there is no denying that only an individual of grand influence could successfully encapsulate such a position. 200 years later, Paris where he placed the crown on his head came under attack from one unexpected American. Searching on the keyword “Paris” at Google images reveal beautiful photos of the capital of France, but in the mix of all the Eifel tower photography are skimpy pictures of the one and only Paris Hilton.

How extraordinary isn’t that? An insignificant individual almost fully taking possession of a name belonging to a city that has existed for several centuries. Despite the justified despise for Paris Hilton, we should give her 7 seconds of standing ovations for the profound she has reached the highest level of celebrity status in a short time frame without any empirical talent. Maybe the heiress does deserve an ounce of respect for her peak status reached in the mid 20 just like Napoleon. Shall we proclaim the obscenely selfish brat empress of fame? With ease the conquered American tabloids and launched an invasion on the UK January this year by allying with television network ITV producing a reality TV show called “Paris Hilton's British Best Friend”.

For every 30 minutes you watch that show, 2 grams of brain cells die. ITV were utterly idiotic for producing the show with her as it’s the biggest insult to human intelligence in the history of TV broadcasting. Not even Simon Cowell, Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan combined could express how disastrous the show is. Napoleons invasion to Russia was a major disaster too. He was outmanoeuvred by Alexander I, who retreated his troops while depleting Russian cities and villages of food supplies. French and allied troops continued to trout deeper into the massive landscape of Russia until cold weather and starvation began taking lives by the hour. Confused and desperate, blood thirsty Napoleon had to retreat as Russians were nowhere to be seen. His colossal army of over half a million soldiers had been reduced to less than 100 000 undernourished, ill and tired men there by marking the end of his dynasty. If prophecy is true that Paris and Napoleon are highly alike, the unsuccessful invasion of Britain will mark the end of her career forcing a retreat to exile on Hawaii.

Despite sharing name with Miss. Hilton, France’s capital is still THE Paris of the universe and a little over a week ago I was invited on the behalf of Nissan to experience the beautiful city as well as getting a previous of purposeful and cool Nissan Cube. Travelling on the Eurostar star is a dream, in a mere 2 hours and 20 minutes the train usher you from the city center of London to the city center of Paris without having to deal with a agony of air flight stress and security control. France is one of the three pillars of high-fashion and that fact was emphasized by the French passengers who travelled in first class. Forget Samsonite, arriving in Paris there were countless of gentlemen stepping out of the first class section with Damier canvas Louis Vuitton luggage. Slender female legs on the platform were covered in black stocking following the mono colour schemes which was black and more black with subtle golden details for sophisticated glamour. Editor in chief of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld is a prominent ambassador of street fashion.

Lanvin strengthened the image of French style when they showcased a highly patriotic fall/winter 2009 collection for men. Neck length accentuated in a feminine manner using feather light scarves cannot be mistaken for Italian, American or English, and neither can the boxy avant-garde cuts of clothes. Captivating deep colours like plum purple and silky materials have blended together to create the most romantic men’s collection since Valentino spring/summer2008. The originality and the purity of the designs make this the best AW 2009 collection by a large margin.

French people are polygamists as food isn’t their only love of their lives. Enjoying a delightful salmon at a restaurant, I experienced service that doesn’t exist in London restaurants except restaurant averaging £80 per customer. The respect from the waiters and the quality for the food is of that kind that earns 30% tip. Unfortunately I couldn’t return the favour properly since I slammed into wall of language barrier the second step my right foot into the restaurant and could only reply to a two sentence long welcome phrase, with a simple “Hi”. More stupidly I also got lost in an underground subway station because I had no clue what French word for exit is. My ignorance was of of that level that I almost deserved a night in jail like a revolting French man who has set to Renault Clio’s on fire. On my future visits to France I’ll have an English-French dictionary squeezed down my left jeans pocket. Until then, au revoir!


Erin said...

I saw you on tFS, and decided to check out your blog since you honestly were THE most stylish person in that "What Are You Wearing" thread HANDS effing down! You don't try hard and combine your textures and styles effortlessly. I've never commented on a blog like this, but you've inspired this reaction.

Keith said...

Great post. I never thought I would see Napoleon Bonaparte and Paris Hilton mentioned in the same post. I can't stand her at all. She makes me sick. I will admit that I admire how she's become popular over these years without any sort of talent at all.

Grant said...

I have only just discoverd your Blog; but already I'm smitten.

They way that this post was written was both insightful and devilishly funny. And the Lanvin is decadantly wonderful. I love the unfinished edges of the scarfs.

I'll be comming back to your Blog again and again, that's for sure.


Andrea said...

nice wide leg trouser there at the bottom

DD.- said...

God you are good, really good. I loved it, and I usually hate to read long posts. I also reached your blog thanks to TFS a few weeks ago and since then is in my "must read"

Keep them coming.

iluwfashion said...

Thank you all. Keep reading. I just realised that my posts are getting a bit too long and deep, so the next ones will be of the more standard blog length as I don't want to scare people off.

Fer said...

Hello my name is Fer and I want to ask you a favor , I'm looking for a definition of tom ford's fashion, could you help me please??I know that it can be complicated but I want many opinions, I need it for a homework. Thank you for your help!!

canwepleasestopandreflect said...

Reading that hilarious and insightful analogy of Napoleon and Paris Hilton, interspersed with lovely shots of the Lanvin, was a joy. This is my first time here, but I definitely will be checking back!

YouNeed2Know said...

I can't say that I like this collection actually. So far, I've only found one major Parisian based design house whose offering I consistently like. That being Kenzo.