Spring is here.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Blessed by not having any allergies my mood thrives on the sight of daffodils making their spring entry in this month. Ginger hair is lovely too. It reminds me of all the delights in life such as Hermes gift boxes, cinnamon and mango. Two weeks ago I had an encounter with a highly distinctive ginger haired person. The skin was pale contrasting the hair hanging long and straight like delicate violin strings. With makeup nowhere too be seen on the face this was a certified natural beauty. Fully distracted by angel face before me it didn’t take long until a cold thrill travelled from my head down my spine, informing me that this particular individual was a young man and not a woman.

Was he an alien? A drag queen maybe? Or was he an androginist? The answer is the latter. Amusingly the feminine beauties in his face rivalled that of the pretty female who accompanied him. Attracting him, it and her, the appearance of an androginist is very powerful in the way it blurs the notion of gender. Our behaviour is partially governed by the people we interact with and in most scenarios we behave differently around women than we do on a Saturday night with male comrades. Time is on a standstill when you encounter an androginist as the brain face a complex struggle between what the mind wants to see and the reality that the individual is a man. British designer Gareth Pugh advocated for the androgyny lifestyle in this latest fashion collection.


mcgallo said...

Its pure! Great Design!

Florent said...

Dude, I love Jean-Claude!!!! He's so stylish! His friend too, though he's much more discrete! I took pictures of him too! Gonna post them on http://lhabitfaitledandy.com