Safari Fashion.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The animal kingdom has struck the fashion world with leopard prints while chickenpox blemishes are doomed to ever be part of the runway. An accidental visit to the lingerie section in a Roberto Cavalli store is a trap into a retail jungle infested with more leopard prints than Steve Irvin could have seen in his wildest safari dreams. Then there are the ever pretty store assistants spreading delightful oestrogen in the air that makes the Mufasa inside want to jump on top of the building and roar for the all homeless kittens in universe.

A flamboyant ladies man with a bit too much disposable income, see a leopard flees blanket resting over a living room sofa as the winning way of showing who’s the Fred Flintstone of the 21th century. Not to be forgotten is an ostentatious 18k Rolex Datejust dangling on the left wrist since it’s an essential playboy must-have and so is the unforgivable light blue shirt with the collar popped so high it almost blocks the guy’s peripheral view. What won’t temporarily impair your vision is leopard/tiger printed sunshades from Burberry’s Spring Summer 2009 eyewear collection. Splendid option for shy animal loving trendsetters who’s wants to use sunshades as safe guard from a potentially slimy bucket of green paint poured at them by a notorious PETA hooligan.

Spring Summer 2009 Safari Fashion


TheSouthSider said...

Hey! leopard/tiger printed sunshades from Burberry was extraordinary. everyone should have that. You're site is very interesting and i love it. -thesouthsider

Grant said...

Hmmm... I'm not particularly prone to either leopard or tiger prints, I much prefer my animal products real and understated. Those glasses are very agreeable though!

And PETA; guh! Don't even get me started!


Alina Farace said...

Hey! buddy.
I like the safari style all the male model wearing.

Anonymous said...

Love this site first and foremost!!

I can hang with the shades, gold boat shoe, and the lavender pants. Those hats can be left for the birds.