Trendsetters IV: Greed.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Satan has multiplied, and he has done so successfully. Satan is your car mechanic, your bank account manager, Mr Andersen, your neighbour and maybe even me. Wise philosophers with the same predictability powers as Nostradamus would expect the end of world to be brought by a meteoroid smashing down the Atlantic Ocean. But recent happenings in the world have showed that we are our biggest threat.

In mid 2007 the earth was the brightest planet in the universe with stock markets and property prices peaking high as Mount Everest. Logic made so much sense, house prices only went one direction, more was more and less was less. Under the soil of the beautiful grass was a very seed called greed. Bernand Madoff was an early spring bloomer in February where his rotten roots were exposed. The short trial and favourable ruling of his judge served justice right, but a big hole of emptiness was left in the hearts of his victims who are helplessly asking questions about where their invested money went. Capitalism can be a dangerous game, and if engaged in one has to play by the rule “play at your own risk”. Therefore the US government has no obligation in reimbursing any of the $65 billion Madoff mysteriously disposed off.
After high school my mother tired talking me into pursuing the academic path of becoming a doctor or reading for a finance degree. Her advice must have originated from other parents who care for their children’s education and future. Parents love saying the words “My son works for a bank.” or “My son is a doctor”. The fascination over doctors and bankers is the power that comes with those two professions. One job involves managing money while chilled gold bricks and bank notes are in a vault beneath the marble floor of the office, the other job is all about healing people. What could possibly be as or more important than life and money?? Integrity perhaps, decency, humility and other qualities that govern social morale. All those qualities don’t exist within the glass facade of AIG head quarters or the executive office that belonged to the former RBS CEO Sir Fred Goodwin.

Honour has become an alien word amongst top financial leaders of the world. Senior staff taking out obscene bonuses funded by tax money coming citizen’s who just lost their jobs, have completely tainted reputation of bankers. Only terrorists rank lower in public admiration. Disgraced AIG executives showed no curtsey and respect towards the family fathers who committed suicide over losing their jobs. One family father who’s fully alive and breathing is Michael Jackson. It has long been known that his finances are disintegrating at a faster rate than some of the cosmetic surgery that has been carried out on his face. His loyal fans are to gift him a £100 million bailout in exchange for 50 concerts in the 02 arena. In that way he will be the Jedi Knight to rescue Neverland from its imminent. But who will rescue me and you?

My appointed savour Gordon Brown held a several hours long meeting with some of the world’s most powerful men today. Although the meeting resulted in an announcement of a stimulus package for the more underdeveloped nations of the world, there was no words mentioned about a plan that would ease life for UK citizens who will be funding a considerable percentage of the stimulus package. The G20 summit has been the most expensive pre-Easter party rather than a meeting bringing about a solid action plan for turning the economy around. All the unnecessary glitz of installing Jamie Oliver as the chef for Wednesday’s dinner at No.10, inviting Naomi Campbell and JK.Rolling warrants a new description for the G20 summit because has looked more like Gordon Brown inviting 19 guys for a bloody awesome time in London.

Mr. Brown and President Obama are in fact the Easter bunnies of the moment. Maybe only they and dolphins can see the rainbows in each others’ eyes because Obama and Brown light up the minute they see each other. Other leaders at the summit don’t share the same sparkling relationship and two people who clearly not jealous are Nicholas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel who both having kept their heads sharp during the festivities leading up to today’s meeting. Blushing and getting cuddly in front of cameras will certainly not stimulate banks into start lending again.