Unnecessary necessities.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Certain things in life are great to have, to eat, to do or take part of but come with a web of strings attached. Salad goes well with 13 inch porcelain dinner plate holding a sizable dinner of fettuccine pasta and oven baked salmon covered in Carbonara sauce. Anyone suffering from chronic laziness is advised to build a tree house than taking on the challenge of making a salad.

The long and slow mission begins at home - - grabbing hold of a piece of paper destined for recycling, and scribbling down the thoughts of mouth watering mushrooms, black olives and sundried tomatoes. Level 2 of the mission takes place in the supermarkets where the head begins to spin from the eyes scanning different prices for avocados that all look the same! Imported or domestic farmers, organic or “regular”, cheap or premium? Choice is the problem and so is chopping the vegetables into appetising pieces. Suddenly a container of 200 vitamin pills is turning out to be an easy fix for a 5 a day. But the purity in the soul felt after eating a salad is worth the trouble of sling tomatoes and swiping a olive oil remains from the kitchen counter. Here is a list of disregarded but useful accessories worth owning.

A mini umbrella is in most people’s possessions but few care to buy a full sized umbrella that can shield the entire body from a single drop of rain. Full sized ones a perfect for stormy days with heavy showers or for providing shelter for two people.

Watch & Cufflink box.
Sexism should not have a place in this world but the reality is that men are inferior to women when it comes to keeping things in order. To ease the male disability of administrating ones wardrobe, there are boxes with neat slots for cuff links and a watch. Excellent for storage and travel purposes.

Travel Wallet.
Having a hand on every travel documents during international travel can be difficult while fighting the strong forces of fatigue, stress and security check frustration. Avoiding digging through a million pockets in search of a misplaced boarding pass or sim-card can be done by storing everything in a travel wallet.


Anonymous said...

Could you possibly tell who the travel wallet is made by and where it ca be purchased? Thanks.

Gary said...

The travel wallet is made my Smythson

Jacob said...

Travel wallets are one of those ideas that sound good in theory, but are bad in practice. The big problem with a travel wallet is if its lost or stolen, then you lose everything (passport, boarding passes, all other identification, money, etc...).

It's far better to keep all your vital travel documents separate; this way its highly unlikely that you'll lose all of them at once.

iluwfashion said...

Gary: Tanks for answering the question. I should have mentioned it in the post.


Lisa Bruckner said...

I discovered your site on March 25, 2009 while doing research for my own blog (www.wasabinights.com) and found it elegant, relevant and refreshing. However, your posts were so infrequent I lost touch until now when I looked you up in my reader to reference your site as an example in an upcoming piece I am writing as a guest blogger for blog.bplans.com. Since I am unable to find a more direct way to email you, I must resort to comment. I do not remember your site the way it is now. It seemed to have a richer, elegant look back in March. This time, I am inundated with annoying ads and banners and had a difficult time navigating. I still think your images and text are great, I just wish your site hadn't gone so commercial. Use or lose this feedback at your discretion. I wish you the best. You have talent.

L&F said...

Very good post. I'll be checking in from time to time... SoHo

L&F said...

The way I see it is small umbrella's are for women, that is why the majority of them are floral or pretty. The watch case is theoretically a good idea but then it limits you to two watches (the one on your wrist & the one in the case) I guess it really depends on how long you are staying. Otherwise really good post. I'll keep an eye on the site... SoHo

iluwfashion said...

Lisa: Thank for stopping by and I highly value your comments. Contrary to the response you might expect, I whole heartedly agree with your opinion. Everytime I want to write a post but don't have the time to I bleed inside me.

You have probably not read a post I wrote 2-3 months ago. In it I stated that I will slow down with posting to spend more time working on the next evolution of the blog. I promise you that content will be rich and be published more frequently. Further more I'm a university student and at the moment I'm in the 2nd semester of my second year and studies are a bit hardcore at the moment.

The banners annoy me too but they aid in keep my blog alive so that I don't have to seek a full time profession just to sustain a a life in front of the the poverty line =)

Anonymous said...

I have to say the passion in this blog is clearly evident from the content the writer graces us with.

Bravo old boy

Consequently I did purchase a Paul Smith umbrella for my girl friend's father as a Xmas present and I have to say that Paul Smith does emulate that Britishness essence without being to obvious or flamboyant ... unlike Burberry

Anonymous said...

I like the "Passport" label. Are there any for women's too?