Facial care in the fast lane.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The morning and night grooming rituals are overlooked and are positioned far down, right above removing dust behind the TV, on the priority list for chores. Given that man is the fastest gender on earth it is forgiveable to not give the body a vain and lengthy Patrick Bateman spa treatment every morning. Guys are obliterating quick and can get ready for an emergency invitation to party within minutes while the opposite gender don’t even wouldn’t even consider 2 hours to be ample preparation time.

Scarcity of time isn’t not much of a problem as the Orcs of capitalism standing in cosmetic booths in shopping departments. Their bright red seductive lipstick can be spotted from a far. Young and attractive they seek your attention with a charming and flirtatious smile of an aircraft stewardess, but are best defeated by not engaging eye contact and avoiding getting lured in to try the latest coconut hand lotion they want you to try(and buy thereafter). Consequences can be financial manslaughter as these deceivingly pretty sales assistant always aim to sell you every single cosmetic product stocked on the shelves behind the counter. All the fancy adjectives like exfoliating, nurturing, ph balance used describe the products makes the head spin like the London Eye. The number one unanswered question in every guys head is ‘What products do I really need that won’t require me to wake up 1 hour earlier than necessary?’, because although all most products are essentially good for us, there is only so many product a person can use without them cancelling each other out.

The essentials: Cleanser and moisturiser
Regardless of interest in body and facial care there are two products that should be in the cabinets behind every foggy bathroom mirror, and those are a facial cleanser and a facial moisturiser. Under no circumstance should any product baring the word soap be used on the face because soap is made using chemicals and chemicals corrode the skin. Cutting corners by using hand soap lead to nasty skin irritation, dryness or even a rash. The benefit is using cleaners composed of natural ingredients is minimal damage made to the skin. Look for names like ginseng, avocado, menthol and juniper on labels for both cleansers and moisturisers. Both products can be used before going to sleep at night and right after waking up in the morning. The latter being more important than the former as water to the face makes the body alert and ready for a good day.

The extras: Facial scrub
Deep cleaning is revitalizing whatever object is receiving the treatment. The sensation afterwards is refreshing newness and joyous rebirth. Persian marble floors receive a scrub every now and then and so should the face too, and that is done using a facial scrub. What distinguish a scrub from a facial cleanser is near microscopic fragment of crushed apricot or walnut seeds working down clogged pores and oily skin layers, increasing the breathability of the skin. Given a scrub contain tiny hard particles one monthly deep cleaning is enough to maintain a fresh and well nurtured skin.

The luxury: Natural shaving crème and anti-ageing crème
Self inflicted cuts with a poor shaving blade or simply poor shaving is one of the reasons why shaving is one of the most harmful treatment given to the skin. Therefore no expenses should be spared for a nurturing shaving crème and friendly shaving blades. Bumps, cuts and bruised skin are common penalties awarded to those who compromise their shaving. The more natural the product is, the less likely it is that it will irritate the skin, and to break your reality, natural shaving crèmes do not come in aluminium cans and neither do they foam. But it’s worth mentioning that synthetic and above mid-range products available in supermarkets do suffice in protecting the skin during a close shave.

When the adult land marking age of 20 is reached, ageing is not an inevitability but a current and an accelerating process. No one likes being called old and by default, buying anti-ageing products is a self proclamation of being old. Ironing out wrinkles and lines that show signs of ageing, a crème of this type is quite a dazzling experience. After application to the face there is a few magical seconds of the face heating and tightening up, but is sadly not followed by the reverse ageing affect of Benjamin Button.

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