New website: Monochrome Finery.

Friday, 22 May 2009

While revising hard for my final exams I’ve leaned on the shoulders of piano and photography for comfort and work balance. Piano play and photography are excellent hobbies for escaping reality because they don’t involve any heavy thought processing or written words. Silence is golden, in fact, most things in life are best enjoyed when no words are spoken like eating, having sex, swimming. Therefore the new supplement this website, Monochrome Finery, will comprise of just black & white photographs and no more words beyond the title of each post. No elaborate planning or high ambitions are pillar supporting the photo blog. It will merely serve as a way for me to exhibit my premature work as an amateur photographer, sort of like a diary to follow my own progress.



TradingForexProfit said...

very interesting idea, i like it :)