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Monday, 4 May 2009

I have a weakness for watches, I adore them, I want to own them and admire them while falling asleep after a long day of typing. The psychological symptoms of this everlasting obsession is that I can’t help myself from gazing at people’s wrists, playing a solitary guessing game with myself trying to identify the any watch my curious eyes have locked on to. One time there was a sociable gentleman from the United Arab Emirates sharing the same oxygen in a room as me and was using a Swizz watch to keep track of time. The masculine watch in this that instance was neither a SWATCH and nor was it a Rolex. A golden octagon shaped bezel with exposed rods keeping it locked to the watch case, made the timepiece easily identifiable as an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

Enchanted by the honourable gentleman’s choice of watch I complimented him. With a thick Arabic accent he enthusiastically replied by saying “Thank you, I have five more at home.” and on we went exchanging some happy words for a minute or two. A few moments after the conversation ended he returned to me with a big smile and said “Now when you notice my watch, I like it more”, followed by some chuckles and friendly handshakes on both sides. One would think as he would with humble and shyness whiff off any compliments about his £8,000 jewel but no, he was ecstatic to meet someone who noticed the delicate piece of stainless steel resting on his left wrist. Had the Abu Dhabi citizen bought a watch that’s too discrete or was his experience a true testament of how rarely recognition comes by in London?

The capital of Great Britain is not just a city, it’s a kingdom of adventurous people from all over the world. Like tall lamp posts flashing by in your peripheral view while driving on the motorway at night, people in London share they insignificance – you known that they are around but you don’t acknowledge the existence of each individual. A crème coloured cashmere cardigan by Ralph Lauren has the opulence to sway crowds at a rooftop garden tea party, but how strong if that effect at the Cannes during the festival when Armani suits and Tom Ford sunshades are worn by every other guy? There is more than a silk “Made in Italy” on the inside your summer loafers.

Imagine having a captivating aura that steals the attention of people without you having to speak a single word. Think curiosity and respect rather than admiration and astonishment, almost holding an environment on siege with everyone aware of your majestic presence. The ability to entice strangers work wonders for networking events where the brightest shining star will be most successful at exchanging business cards. Chief executive of Mercedes-Benz, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, has a spectacularly cwell crafted moustache that makes him unforgettable figure. Long as a cell phone Dr. Zetsche moustache can be classified as the 1st wonder of Germany and can probably be seen from the international space station. Grooming such an ostentatious moustache is a chore that can be challenging for men with undergrowth of facial hair. A more attainable style can be seen on the two time Formula 1 Champion Graham Hill who was signified by a sophisticated strip of hair above his upper lip.

The key to star quality is building a brand around the person you are although blatant adoptions of funky hair styles can backfire if friends whom you haven’t been in a while begin to ridicule you for having a goatee. Any attribute of the brand need to be melt with of one’s personality and demeanour for the effect to work as confidence is a very important ingredient. Bob cuts are synonymous with the editor in chief of US Vogue, Anna Wintour. And when Bobcuts are spoken off, Anna Wintour is what comes to mind. Thanks to maintaining the same look for several decades, she is one of the most recognisable people in the fashion industry. Therefore whatever gimmicks chosen need to be permanent to the point that you cannot part with them without feeling that you’re taking away something from your personality.

If you fancy testing how eye catchy your charisma is then Smirnoff Black might have something to facilitate just that. Chancellor Alistar Darling increased alcohol taxation by 2% last month, but that has not deterred Smirnoff Black from uniting metropolitan men by running a venue by the name of “Smirnoff Black Modern Gentleman Masterclass”. Hosted at fashionable Sketch in London, the venue offer men classes in cocktail making, an exhilarating shave by professional barbers and the opportunity to converse with a bespoke tailor. Under the roof of a dazzling interior and decor Smirnoff Black Modern Gentleman Masterclasse offers you an opportunity to socialise with fellow sartorialist men and potentially increase your star quality after an immaculate shave.

The next event will take place on the 19th of May 2009 and 07951 483589 is the number to call for booking a free attendance to the venue.


Anonymous said...

I'm very interested. Where is that first picture of the two men taken from?

Keith said...

I've really been enjoying your blog. This is probably my favorite post so far. It was quite interesting. I love watches. I would love to own as many as possible.

iluwfashion said...

Anonymous: I really don't remember where it was taken from. I found it amongst my 9 000 fashion photographs.

Keith: My please, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I have ambitions of building a collection of watches too, but the ones I want are too pricey for me to afford at the moment.

lais said...

Watches are fabulous. I inherited a Cartier Roadster from my father about a year ago. I usually get compliments quite often since its not usual for a 22 year old to have such a watch.

The select few that actually recognize the watch for its real value automatically gets approval from me. Even though its only happened three times I remember each situation/person vividly.

Tony said...

A great post indeed, but it's interesting most commentators focused on the watches. I think Luwalira's point is more about personal branding in general, where watches play but a small part. Luw's point is that, yes, a nice watch is important, but it is more "par for the course" when you're in a crowd of already extremely distinguised looking people. His example about Dr. Dieter Zetsche is case in point - he is always very well dressed, but everyone remembers him because of his subtle-yet-refined touches. 1. his mustache, 2. his height, 3. his spectacles, and 4. his honorific title "Dr." All are consistent, and help reinforce his personal brand. Much like Steve Jobs in his black mock turtleneck, blue jeans, and New Balance running shoes. Works every time.

Reichen said... name is Reichen.
can u tell me how i can get an invitation code for the fashion spot forum?
thx a lot.

Terence Sambo said...

Nice one Hassan :o]

-h said...

i dont really notice my "signatures" until someone points them out, like people describing me as the girl that wears a lot of black, or carrying a different bag everyday, or by my sunglasses.

the man's watch sounds beautiful.