The art of networking & its importance today.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Any prudent adult from a working class background knows the value of money and its origin -- hard work, as opposed to growing on a peach tree on the west coast of Portugal. Money is only commodity that can turn materialistic dreams into a reality of walk-in closets stocked with 20 pairs of shoes and shirts of every shade imaginable. Formal education is the path of correctness that should evidentially lead to a rewarding employment with perks such as a company car and a sound salary well above minimum wage – that is you are a strong believer of social norms.

The journey to the dream profession can be a slow and agonizing on a steam train that may never reach the distant destination of having your name engraved on a brass plate glued screwed to an office door. The train may come to a temporary but long and gruesome halt while our standing on the platform of ambitious works indefinitely awaiting a promotion. Willing and capable of advancing in life, the only candle lit at the end of the tunnel is the notion of being at the ‘right place at the right time’. But when that moment comes, will it be as easy as standing still to miraculously see a jet black helicopter hovering above your with Sir Alan Sugar rolling down a ladder for you to his empire of business? What if there is a more component in the formula for a deal breaking moment in a career, the right person with the right spirit perhaps?

Recovery of the current slump in economic activity may not be happen until another 6-12 months, and then another year may pass until the high economic growth will feed prosperity in housing and manufacturing. In the mean time employers are keeping the doors shut for applications and CV with only the brightest resumés slipping through between the doors and the thresholds. Address books with valuable contacts are worth their weight in gold as organic recruitment is the most successful way of securing a new job in a time when the job market is in despair. Greatest opportunities of a career bump lies in meeting and connecting with individuals of power and influence. An invitation to an industry event is a privilege. Few other ways bring you closer to potential partners or future employers in a casual environment often eased by upbeat house music and bubbly champagne. Loyalty is off course a stapling issue as committing adultery by actively seeking a new employer might not be taken lightly by the boss whom might have granted you admittance to an event. But business is business and courageousness and risk taking are pre-requisites for rapid success.

Here are some advice on how to make the best out of networking opportunities and thus, not leave unnoticed or empty handed:

Dress to amaze and distract

Inferiority complex is a common syndrome to experience at social occasions when nervousness grows are you realise that you are possibly the smallest fish in the pond. The act of convincing other guests that you’re an important guest begins at home, in the wardrobe. If surrounding guests will be millionaires, then dress up like a billionaire and if fellow guests will be fighter pilots, wear an astronaut suit. Fear underdressing rather than overdressing. Strong presence and posture tend to attract curiosity of bored guests lurking for a funny chatter while enjoying themselves with a glass of wine. Be a maverick by wearing a red bow tie to a black tie event, but abstract appearances should be ideally be mitigated with very powerful credentials and merit.

Choose the right chaperone

Never show up to an event alone as there is a risk of the status quo remaining for the rest of the day. As a loner the game play will dismantled your cards will be exposed by individuals who know that anyone of importance generate interests and is therefore never alone at a social event. The perfect chaperone is ideally someone of the opposite sex for the sake of simplicity. A nightmare scenario is having the company of a woman, only to hear the words “I’m bored and want to go home” after she has been 30min spectator of you chatting up a more attractive female. Two brains that think alike work best together and even individually as the companion or side kick can assisting in putting your name out or introducing you to seductive women.

A strong character is everything and more

The inescapable bit of networking is conversing with other people and this is crucial part that will determine whether or not you at the right person -- at the right place--at the right time. Confidence is the barrier that impairs most people’s courage from becoming winners of the day. Impossible to restore or build overnight, bravery or confidence can only be enhanced over times. For those willing to get slightly out of balance a splash of alcohol is a silly but yet efficient temporary fix for shyness and stage freight.

Social events can be rouge and superficial. Many are out on the look up to tie new business relationships, customers or find someone that will usher them to the next step on the ladder. In the first 30 seconds of socialising with a new found mate both parties will have made their mind up on whether to continue exchanging words or to drift away to the next person. The inevitable question of the first moments is “What do you do?”. For those unfazed by their own profession it is a question one wants to avoid, especially if the opposite encounter holds an admirable position in a fortune 500 company. Shedding light any accomplishments made as well as future ambitions is a devious way of coming across as successful in the case that one’s profession does a poor job encapsulating career ambitions. One or two convincing factoids are sufficient but humility should be exercised although you shouldn’t sky away from speaking about yourself. In fact, don’t talk but speak up like a talk-show host and captivate your audience. Speaking from the lungs and diaphragm is important as you’re virtually trying to sell yourself. The art of speaking can be a tricky one to master and involves speaking about topics beyond the weather and the next person to be eliminated on Big Brother. Not to be forgotten in all insincerity to is that you’re dealing with people and can gain valuable contacts my simply making a new friend who might refer you to someone who might potentially hire you. Know when to switch from personality from Rupert Murdoch to Prince Harry of Wales.


FiGZ said...

Excellent post and wonderful words of advice.

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its been quite sometime and several changes since i've reached out to you though i thoroughly enjoy the effort and merit in all you discuss. if there's a blog more impactful to men, i've yet to discover it. remain true as i sing your praises. best always,

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Aleho Limón said...

i love this blog!!! its fantastic

Ares Vista said...

Great post. This is excellent advice. The speaking aspect is the hardest for me. I have confidence, but sometimes my tongue gets tied. I've been working on it for a long time, and have been improving, but it's definitely a 'tricky' technique.

Mikey McFly™ said...

Great post and very very informative

Richard said...

Wonderful words and words i must acknowledge when tlkin infront of an audience.

Jonas said...

Wonderful post! This forces me to add you as a favourite! :D

Anonymous said...

LOL that's a good one. I could actually quote you after this one on the astronaut suit. Are you sure you're not a writer of a Men's fashion magazine?

But thanks for this, I have no fear for overdressing my best.

The Fashion Inquisitor said...

I absolutely loved your words of wisdom and I loved the part about if everyone is dressed like Fighter Pilots dress like an Astronaut
Pure Genius =]

Keith said...

This is an incredible post. It is full of worthwhile advice. I will definitely take this to heart. Great job.

Charlie Chan said...

Very nice post, seems that what people are telling me is true, that, well (not to brag) I'm on the right path. It's really forming those relationship over a drink, it makes a difference.