Everything has a begining and an end.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

I’m forever grateful for your patience in taking your time in visiting the blog despite the abnormally infrequent posting. And it pains me much knowing about the disappointment and frustration that arise from not being greeted with new reading material every time you access I Luw Fashion.

During the first 6 months of 2009 I endured the busiest period of my life. There have been adventures, rewards, challenges and epiphanies. It has come to my discovery that time is a scares and very precious resource with no substitute. Today I wake up wishing there were twenty five and half hours in one day instead of just 24. Previously I have divulged you of my primary occupation which is undergraduate marketing student. In May I successfully completed my second year and good lord has it been intense. In addition to the challenges at the classroom bench, my polygamist approaches to life lead me to take a giant leap into the world of music. Fascinated by production and having grumbled on it for a few months, I headed out against gusty winds in late January and bought a keyboard. My childish logic was that if I can press buttons on my piano, playing keys on a piano cannot be any different. The hypothesis was indeed right, playing the piano is child’s play. Composing the soundtrack for the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie together with Hans Zimmer, is not one of my long term goals but I to purposefully want to make use of my newly acquired skills in the future.
Having read theoretical material and watched instructional videos in the vicinity of my home, I have in 7 months managed to go from finger fatigue and mental frustration, to smiles and harmonising syncing keys with one another, creating what we refer to as music. The path to learning how to play the piano has not been without turbulence. From April-May, my keyboard as well as the blog had to take a backseat in my life as the academic career of mine needed increasingly needed more attention. Contrary to the knowledge of the public, blogging can be very time consuming. From researching and photo editing to writing and publishing, one post can take 6-12 hours to complete depending on the degree of depth and quality of the post. I love media production and enjoy every minute I spend conceiving a post but time has lately not been on my side. Currently I’m enjoying the summer break and spend most of my time working a full time job that leaves me with little time and energy for blogging. On the positive side I have devoted a great deal of time and energy to a vision or more precisely an enterprise I’m trying to bring to life, namely, the successor of I Luw Fashion. Wanting to pursue media production as an occupation I’m striving for progression and aim to endeavour a greater challenge with more resources than this very blog. A compelling and inventive concept has been drafted and even though we are currently in a recession, the prospects are good. This blog is destined to remain active in the foreseeable future but will eventually have to parish or fade away as it reincarnates into another form. Alternatively I have to settle for doing editorial work for someone else.
In the mean time, stay putt. I’ll work my hardest to dampen my summer crush for playing the piano which has been one daily nocturnal activity of mine during the recent weeks. Maybe I’m taking an unconscious break from writing as I’m trying to get over a two and a half year’s blogging hangover of posting 2-3 times every single week? What I can assure you is that media production is my future and that the spirit has not darkening.

Thank you very much.


planetshaker said...

That... is a gorgeous piano... almost reminiscent of the Lagerfeld Steinway.... Anyways, while I appreciate the quality, time and no doubt thought that goes into every single post here, I also understand that it can be extremely draining on one's resources. So just a word a encouragement, keep up the good work and never forget that the bunch of us geeks following your blog are never as important as following your own dreams. Cheers from Canada.

iluwfashion said...

I have yet to see the Lagerfeld Steinway but I'll google it later. Thanks for the kind words, but even the nerds are important readers. My website would not have reached this point if it wasn't for all of you. So I appreciate and cheerish every single one in my audience. Keep stopping by!