Buy your darling the gift of daily planning organizing.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The most uplifting gifts are those that come unexpectedly and positively disrupt the predictable daily patterns. In 2009 the pre-Christmas gift for your beloved counterpart comes in the form of a fashionably correct organiser from Filofax.
Graced with a colourful but yet sober Fresco design, the Filofax is a part of £40 giftbox. Inside the box is a trio of vouchers which entitles the gift receiver to either a free photographic shoot, haircut or a beauty treatment. Further assist the life of a busy career woman the organiser intelligently houses a mirror for discrete facial checks during meetings. Most intelligent is the bundled professional pen that has a refillable perfume canister concealed at the top for the convenience of freshening up while on the move. Available with free delivery at


David Venter said...

This is quite nice. However, is anyone still actually using these? With the iPhone, Blackberry, and NetBook's there is no need for pen and paper anymore. Or am I wrong?

iluwfashion said...

Both right and wrong. Although Blackberries and iPhones have brought the market for physical planners to its knees, there are still a healthy percentage of people who prefer physical planners as opposed managing their lives using a touch screen device.