Buy your darling the gift of daily planning organizing.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The most uplifting gifts are those that come unexpectedly and positively disrupt the predictable daily patterns. In 2009 the pre-Christmas gift for your beloved counterpart comes in the form of a fashionably correct organiser from Filofax.
Graced with a colourful but yet sober Fresco design, the Filofax is a part of £40 giftbox. Inside the box is a trio of vouchers which entitles the gift receiver to either a free photographic shoot, haircut or a beauty treatment. Further assist the life of a busy career woman the organiser intelligently houses a mirror for discrete facial checks during meetings. Most intelligent is the bundled professional pen that has a refillable perfume canister concealed at the top for the convenience of freshening up while on the move. Available with free delivery at


Tom Ford set sight on the bigger picture -- the Tom Ford empire.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

What can you do with £30,000,000? It’s enough money for an early retirement supporting a jet set gigolo life of glitz, parties, and ostentation for a good three of four decades. Wise savers would exchange the 30 million for roughly 25,500 shares in Apple, and see their investment yield a prosperous annual increase of 25%. Why not spend the money on an ocean front house in Monecito California, complete with a tennis court and backyard the size of a two football fields, or an epic journey to the international space station? For Tom Ford however, capital of that size would be spent on building a women’s brand if the reports are to be true that the Texas born 48 year old is in the process of securing thirty million pounds for his next venture.
Genius ideas stem from great minds. That is why employees should have their profile put forward as a company’s’ most valuable assets as opposed to tangible assets listed on balance sheets such as Xerox photo copiers, filing cabinets and company cars. Characteristic to creative industries, success can in most cases be traced back to one single man sitting up until 02:00am on weekends the polishing rough edges of new ideas. During the early 90s the pivotal individual who changed Gucci was Tom Ford. His injection of quirky use of materials, invigorating designs and provocative advertising campaigns lifted Gucci from financial misery to popularity and global sales success. It’s a success story that mirror that of Apple’s CEO, Steve jobs, who has single handily steered Apple to rise as one of the fastest growing consumer electronics manufacturers. Jobs was one of the founders of Apple but left the company in 1985 to make a comeback 11 years later, in 1996, and subsequently got reinstated as CEO a year after. The direction of the Californian based IT company has been lead under scrutinising detail of Jobs who’s style of corporate rule is not too dissimilar to Tom’s way of dictation. However, the latter did not enjoy the same creative freedom at Gucci as Jobs did at Apple. In 2004 Tom Ford resigned from his post as creative director at the Gucci group due to creative differences and increasing tension with his superiors. Rarely does strong leader last long working for someone else, especially perfectionist who executes everything with utter most diligence.
Maybe it’s the attention to detail that has enable Tom to enjoy early success working the latest occupation added to his CV. Acceptance levels of celebrities migrating from one industry to another tend to be very low and scepticism very high. The entertainment industry is a prism of three corners; fashion, music and film. In today world of globalisation and ease of communication it has become standard practises for stars to capitalise on their names by lending it to any industry willing to sign big checks up from – singers are most notorious for this. Rarely does anyone manage to replicate success across different industries but Tom Ford is one of the most current exceptions. He bravely took on the directing job for film adaptation of the novel “A Single Man” by Christopher Isherwood. Furthermore he fully immersed himself in film making Tom assisting in production as well as writing the script for the movie.
It takes a highly self-aware individual with a high understanding and appreciation for arts from an audience point of view to prevail as a director – it’s an exhaustively challenging task of planning every single frame of a movie. Premiered at the International Venice Filmfestival on the 11th September this year, the film featuring Colin Firth famous for his appearance in Bridget Jones and Love Actually, received standing ovations from both journalists and film critics. The positive reviews even extended to Firth receiving “Best actor” award at the film festival. Such unexpected success is bound to induce Tom into seeking more projects in the world of motion pictures – but not derail him from his more evident ambitions of building a fashion empire.
Sales figures for his highly pricey £3,500/suit men’s label of label are reported to be above expectations while his lines of prescription and sunglasses are now sold worldwide. Tom Ford fragrances have been rigorously promoted through Tom’s global visits to major retailers fortunate to have him signing autographs for his customers. Despite good progression of the current Tom Ford divisions; fragrances, Glasses and men’s wear – there is a vital women’s line missing. Female fashion is a billion dollar industry and all aspiring designer brands want their share of it. Industry sources are indicating that Tom shall have his women’s line ready for 2011 fall debut, and excellence is continued to be pursued Tom Ford might be a legendary American icon in the making with the potential of becoming large as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Tom Ford is a man, fashion designer, visionary and entrepreneur worth his weight in gold.