Berlin-based VONROSEN give exclusivty another lease on life.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Berkley, Berkeley, vonrosen, berlin, luxury fashion, womenswear, menswear, Germany, Dr. David Fredrik von Rosen-von Hoewel, fashion news, DeutschlandEvery year there is an up stick of new labels wanting to squeeze their clothes into already saturated, but popular department stores. These ambitious labels are started by graduating students taking a long leap outside their comfort zone to face their long dreamt destiny of becoming designers. But the lingering road to brightly lit runways flanked by rows of journalists and fashion buyers is long and rough. For some, fashion week glory and presence come after years, if not decades of work – while for others, the dream forever remain exactly that, a dream.

Standing out in an industry dominated by strongly established cult brands possessing power, that compel perfectly rational people into parting ways with hard earned £338 for something basic as a t-shirt. Oblivion follows for lossmaking designer labels with unsold clothes sent off to the graveyard of failed luxury labels – vintage stores. Even distinguished creativity doesn’t guarantee survival. The fashion industry has never been confined to thinking inside the box. Some even think outside this galaxy, judging by the extra-terrestrial clothing available to buy in niche shops serving those who want make an unusual statement.
If creativity doesn’t guarantee success then what does? Giving a hard answer to that question would be like trying to explain quantum physics in one 140 character tweet – impossible. However, the spine of a profitable clothing brand is the businessman making the tough decisions. A business model can be stapling factor steering a fashion house to either bankruptcy or Fortune 500 listing. German born David Frederik von Rosen-von believes that his online approach to fashion retailing will resurrect exclusivity from demise. Besides only being available online, the brand, Vonrosen distinguish itself from the average clothing brand by adopting a closed door, by invitation only business model.

Fredrik von Rosen argues that choice should extend beyond customers freedom to purchase whatever they please, to the designer’s discretion to select who wear his designs. A privilege to buy Vonrosen clothing entail receiving a plush letter of invitation presented in true Bauhaus style: simple lettering, sedated colours and minimalistic design. The invitation is representative of the clothing line which currently comprise of Italian made luxury essentials ranging from men’s cashmere cardigans and fine cotton shirts to dresses and accessories for women – but will, as time progress, see additions of more adventurous executions.
Berkley, Berkeley, vonrosen, berlin, luxury fashion, womenswear,  menswear, Germany, Dr. David Fredrik von Rosen-von Hoewel, fashion news,  Deutschland, clothes, exclusive, onlineVonrosen is an interesting proposition to a world where luxury is a global accessibility for whoever is quickest to draw their credit out of the back pocket and hand it over to a sales assistant. With money as a strong motivator, few companies would willingly repel customers in order to preserve exclusivity. Neither does buying clothing generally require you to undergo a subjective and scrutinizing application process – then again who said that exclusivity and fairness go hand in hand?


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