I Luw Fashion becomes Berkley Magazine.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Welcome to the year 2010 and a refreshing new blog! 2009 was inarguably an eventful and rocky year. The entertainment industry lost the highly lucrative and amazingly talented Michael Jackson, and an aspiring terrorist lost body tissue in his private areas during a failed attempt to blow a passenger filled Airbus A330 to pieces. Those we should mourn are the thousands of magazines dear to our hearts which had to fold in the midst of the recession. But I’m not about to review and highlight the highs and lows of the previous year because your quota for 2009 flashbacks have most likely been exceeded.

Recovering from a two years and 9 month long blogging-hangover I have taken pleasure in a much needed timeout. However, the recent weeks have included endless of pondering, brainstorming and reflections over the blog should progress. With all my senses gathered in creative union, I have framed a new voice and image for the blog – just like humans, blogs occasionally need to be revitalised with a new appearance. Long-term readers shall not fear change as the layout and also editorial philosophy of “I Luw Fashion” have been preserved – an evolutionary update.
Navigation will now be more user-friendly thanks to a search bar for finding posts in the haystack of posts and a thumbnail of the most recent 5 posts which should particularly benefit readers using mobile devices such as the iPhone. In the back-office the blog is now better equipped for the road ahead. A powerful new camera and high-tech cellphone will be used to produce quality photographs and candid pictures for the blog and the new twitter page. Once again, thank you all for tuning during the recess and welcome to what was once “I Luw Fashion”. Visit the blog weekly for an update of the top products that enhance the modern man.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to You. I love the new layout. Looking forward to more intriguing articles and photos on fashion.

Berkley Magazine said...

Happy new year to you too. Great to hear feedback about the layout. It was quite a challenge to craft something attractive that wouldn't require long nights of HTML trickery and and problem solving.