Q&A session with Berkley Magazine founder.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

This weekend of introduction continues with the second instalment – A short question and answer session with the founder and editor in chief of Berkley Magazine to shed some light on the man who’s favourite inventions include the snooze button and Irish cream.

“Berkley Magazine”? Isn’t “Berkley blog” more applicable?
Stability comforts me and I am not the type of change my kitchen curtains to match holidays like Easter and Christmas. Therefore strategic decision making had to be in place in choosing a name that would firmly stand through the future alterations the website will undergo. Down the road, the blog will slowly transform into a publication house.

What is your occupation outside the world of blogging?
My daytime duties are academic – sitting in front of a desk with a highlighter in hand, reading intently for a Marketing BA degree.

Who is your favourite designers?
This is no easier to answer than a question about what my favourite red meat, vegetable or source or source of slow carbohydrates is. To a certain degree, there are no bad foods or designers, all there is are bad chefs and stylists lacking flair. What a designer hangs on the racks of marble-floored boutiques is of less significance than the styling capabilities of the wearer. Seeking comfort and security in pristine outfits seen in look-books and glossy advertisements is following fashion. Puzzle a diverse selection of clothes together with creativity of your own and the result can be the beginning of everlasting style and strengthened personal identity.
Sitting away from the computer screen, what reading material tingle your brain cells?
My primary choice of literature is currently George Orwell’s fictitious 1984 novel which is, at an increasing pace, becoming a reality in the modern society of electronic surveillance. Amongst my side pieces are single issues of Tatler and Harper’s bazaar which successful satisfy my monthly craving for insightful fashion articles and mesmerizing editorials.

Tell us about your biggest weakness
Keeping papers organized. Putting me in charge of administration is like trying to push an 15 inch anchovies pizza into a letterbox. It will end in unimaginable disaster

As a London resident, why would you discourage anyone to move there?
Mayfair and Belgravia are animated affluent areas highly representative of London extravaganza. Although I’m very grateful for the euphoric explosions of flavours I’ve enjoyed eating Roast deer fillet with and blackcurrant fondue, the exuberant living costs of London makes can make money evaporate like an ice sculpture in an Hungarian sauna.
While we are on the subject of food. Which vegetable most strongly resembles you?
Cabbage. If stood in the same spot for too long I oxidise out of boredom.

Finally, what is your outlook on the UK general election of 2010?
Gordon, Gordon, Gordon. As a prime minister who spent previous 10 years superintending economic and financial policies, you of all leaders should have been the fortune-teller predicting the financial apocalypse of 2008. But no, your country remains as one of the few nations yet to re-emerge out of the recession. Failing to successed in areas of your expertise speak no volumes of yourr prime ministerial abilities in mending the tarnished image British foreign affairs. Military withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq have not been given a date stamp, and thus the conflict in the middle east perpetuate into the next mandate period. The sand in the hourglass has run out Labour, the public is disgruntled and it is time the pass the job of running Great Britain to another party. David Chameron is my new Prime Minister.


Howard said...

Great interview, really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff bro! See u around! Will be in London in March.


just a boy. said...

George Orwell wrote 1984, not Orson Wells...smh

Anonymous said...

George Orwell (pen name of Eric Blair) wrote 1984.

Berkley Magazine said...

Howard: Glad you enjoyed it.

Just a boy: Sorry, sorry. My bad. I always mix the two up. Thanks for the heads up.