Q&A with Berkley Magazine's deputy editor,

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The curtains have now been drawn for the deputy editor to present himself by giving soft answers to hard questions about the war online media has declared print media, and to reveal himself as a shoe collector unafraid of standing up against anyone who challenge him to a game of tennis.

Why have you joined Berkley Magazine?
Despite the plethora of men related blogs that can be discovered through a quick search on Google, Berkley Magazine has throughout the years managed to, with finesse and diligence, play a distinct role in leading the evolution of fashion blogs aimed at men. On board the team I hope to further assist in innovating fashion blogging but also talk Hassan – nicknamed Hair Man by one of our lecturers – into trimming his afro for the benefit of fellow classmates whose sight is occasionally blocked by the hedge of hair growing on his head.

How do you take the edge off life?
Whenever gaps in mine and my friends’ schedules are aligned like the sun and moon during a solar eclipse, we summon at a tennis court where the victorious player of the day will return home with a headband soaked in sweat and a licence to boast until his ego inflate his head to the size of a beach ball.
How will the landscape of consumer media broaden this year?
2010 will be a pivotal year. E-book readers will co-exist with internet tablets and both will, along with blogs and magazines be subjected to the natural selection of me, you and everyone who enjoys reading. The fragmentation of media will at the end of the year have been reduced to a few strong players, eliminating any redundant electronic medium. Innovation will give birth to winners while losers who’s precious money have been put into the wrong pot, will see their financial misery of year 2009 extend an additional 12 months.

Tell us about an obsession of yours.
Men are commonly content with two pairs of shoes – some can even live happily with just one lone pair on the shoe shelf. I however, have recently come to the realisation that my fast growing, and frankly unhealthy, obsession with loafers need to stop at the three pairs I have acquired in a short time span of 3 months. Until the rubber studs under the soles have been eroded to near extermination, all London retailers selling loafers should ban me.


Matt27 said...

I second that the shoes!

Frank&Rémy said...

Dude!! White socks? Really!?