How Robert Pattinson preserves his handsomeness on the road.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Robert Pattinson, Twilight, hollywoodMale vanity has long been stigmatised and even 7 years after David Beckham, the epitomizer of male vanity, opened gates to narcissism and made it acceptable for men to wear V-neck t-shirts with deep cleavage – talking publically about your beauty morning regimen is still controversial in the lightest sense.

Pastime boardroom discussions rarely extend beyond the borders of shaving hardware about who uses Braun, Philips or who is a Gillette loyalists, not to mention the obligatory dick measuring contest over whose shaver has the most number of blades or rotaries. Channelling the discussion down the path of anti-ageing crèmes, fruity bath oils and conditioners will have fellow comrades spitting coffee out of their noses in bewilderment over when the estranged topic will be cut short by a mention of yesterday’s football games.

Despite the influx of dedicated concessions for men in cosmetic shops to lure hesitant and deferring customers half way – there is one area of grooming that still belongs to women, the makeup bag.
Pragmatism dictates that one should not be in possession of something they do not need. Men do not wear makeup and thus do not need to waste energy carrying a makeup bag. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that we occasionally don’t need to “freshen up” like the opposite sex. But it’s a touch up not involving foundation, eyeliners and lipstick and is done in a different context. Ever wondered how Robert Pattinson keeps his spikey hair alive and magnetic to hordes of girls whose lust for him is equal to a vampire’s thirst for blood? He has a freshening-up kit at hand, though it’s most certainly doesn’t held in Twilight star's coat pocket but in the hands of his hair and makeup stylists.

The reason why it’s a good idea for us other mortals hold a trio of 50ml and 75ml bottles unsuspectedly hidden away in drawers at work is for days when the time gap between work and leisure is not wide enough for a quick pit stop at home for fixing the hair and possibly taking a shower. A starter kit consisting of facial moisturizer, body spray and hair clay/wax suffice most needs for clearing the face of fatigue, camouflaging odours and quickly touching up the hair using a palm of water and clay. The tiny bottles fit discretely into most briefcases and as an added bonus, they fit into the useless transparent bags given to airport travellers to put liquids into.
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Mario said...

what is the recommended hair product supplier?

Berkley Magazine said...

Mario: Oh that's a tough question. Although I do have a small selection of products in the bathroom, I haven't tried enough hair products to known what's astound as oppossed to just good.

Thanks for asking.

Zach said...

I only vaguely know who this guy is but damn...visually pleasing, no doubt