Berkley Magazine goes into retirement.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Men's fashion blog, male blog, fashion news, fashion adviceEvery story has a first chapter. Some stories as still being written for years and decades on, but others come to an inevitable end much sooner. The last chapter of Berkley Magazine is short. It began with a warranted design and layout overhaul that went live on the 2nd of January 2010 but come to a conclusion a little over three months thereafter.
The candle of passion for art, production and style is still burning brightly within me, but an unforeseen reshuffle in priorities has required me to draw the curtains on the blog. However, Berkley Magazine will not be erased from cyber space. Instead, it will continue to be live for anyone wishing to browse the archive. After three years of writing I’m taking an indefinite break from blogging but could potentially return in a different avatar than men's fashion blog Berkley Magazine. Some of you might wonder what will fill the vacuum of spare time that will now be present in my life. Well, photography is a growing interest that I’m currently engaging in, and above is a sample of mine taken during a sunset on a gorgeous winter day. It’s a glimmer of joy marking the closure of a chapter and the beginning of new story. On that note, I bid farewell and sincerely thank you all for reading.


The sun and GQbyCitroen concept car shines in London.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

unveiling, party, GQbyCitroen, Magazine, London, Hospital Club, gentleman quintessentially, Conde Nast, Covent Garden, Men's Style, Citroen, Concept, Car, Fastback Although petrol-headed car enthusiast, Berkley Magazine decided to forgo attendance of the hybrid bonanza at the annual Geneva auto show that took place last week. The consolation is owed to GQ Magazine and Citroen who knocked their heads together and held a private auto show of their own in trendy and vibrant Covent Garden, where the Hospital Club played host to an unveiling party for an electrifying concept on Thursday the 4th of March.
In a deep and lustrous shade of red the car was the centre of attention in a small sized hall with curious eyes orbiting around it while mesmerising over the muscular rear flanks and seductive lines stretching beautifully across the doors. Named GQbyCitroen, the car is a gentleman transformed into a vehicle of independence and sophistication. The self-assurance is expressed through the revival the fastback body shape that drifted into oblivion at the end of the 1970s. It is a crossover between a wagon and a coupĂ©, fostering otherwise contradictory versatility of being spectacular enough for Park Lane but practical enough for days when a mate needs a gentleman’s helping hand, and car, for a lift to the airport.
unveiling, party, GQbyCitroen, Magazine, London, Hospital Club, gentleman quintessentially, E.Tautz, Savile Row, Patrick Grant, Tailoring, MilitaryPatrick Grant, head of design at E.Tautz - a Savile Row tailor, took the inside job of treating the car with an interior fit for a gentleman. Inside the cabin, driver and passenger will be engulfed in black and red leather caringly stitched together by one of Savile Row’s rising stars. Unfortunately the Concept car at the unveiling was a clay model and thus, getting personal with the car remains in our dreams. However, a fully functioning prototype should not be ruled out as Citroen’s previous partnership, with the Gran Turismo 5 racing game, climaxed with a physical entity parading the streets of London in June 2009. Both GQ and Citroen remain coy over details about what is to follow, but if the vision is to be turned into reality, it will be powered by a 1.6 litre hybrid engine thrusting the car from 0-60mph in 4.5 and the driver from chap to gentleman in zero seconds flat.